Copywriting: Turn More Visitors Into Clients & More Readers Into Buyers

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Turn More Visitors Into Clients, More Readers Into Buyers, And More "Think It Overs" Into Yes’s

When things don’t convert that well, people tend to dump more money into ads, rather than improving their pages.

But sometimes changing only words, can bring in more conversions, more sales, and more happiness :)

When your pages have a strong copy, they become powerful virtual salesperson who

* Connects better with your customer base

* Moves your audience from interested to FASCINATED

* Attracts higher quality customers

* Creates a fan base always looking to buy more from you

*and all this without spending money on expensive copywriting courses

If you are ready to spend less money on advertising  and generate more sales with Increased conversions, new copy might be all you need.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Get a Short Landing Page Copy Written By a Professional Copywriter for $97 ($497 Value) as part of the Funnel Rolodex Launch

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14 days ago
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about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago
Thank you - it was pleasure working with you
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2 months ago
Thanks for the quick turnaround. I can definitely use this, and will add it to my funnel. I may need to tweak a bit, but you have given me a major headstart. Getting started is the hardest part. Thanks.
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about 1 month ago
I appreciate your business! Thank you
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My superpowers: I write catchy headlines, and copy for your landing pages, sales pages, and emails. I build high-converting funnels to generate leads, make sales, one-click upsells, webinars and more. I can also help you find the gaps in your marketing and fix them quickly.

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