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Business Setup With Tax Consequences

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Starting a Business ..  Set it up right!

A Funnel is not a Business... 

But the income you make from it will be taxed like one!

What We Do

We provide an information and analysis form, based on potential tax consequences, that allows the client to understand and choose the best business structure for your company, and the method necessary to correctly set it up.

Why We Do It

A funnel is not a business, but the income derived from it is taxed like one! Entrepreneurs start businesses to make money and use it for their own needs. I have seen many businesses go under due to tax liability, and It hurts to find out that you owe a high percentage of what you earned to the IRS for taxes. And most people don’t find out until they’ve already spent the money! With this simple report, you can learn the best way to start your business while lessening your future tax liability.

How We Do It

It’s simple. I have 35 plus years in business development and tax services. I look at real dollars for you to 1st understand why and how to startup and structure your business foundation to lessen risk and maximize your future financial income. It all starts with a good structural foundation. You will easily understand this in the report I give you. If you are ready to move forward and decide on the second option, I have included a video that points out certain elements that will be beneficial for those who decide they are ready to file their paperwork with the state.

Who This Is For

This analysis if for two types of people. Those who want to start and those who are currently operating a business.

  1. The person who wants to start, but has yet to set up their business structure - You are in the best position to learn how to properly set up your business, avoid unnecessary tax liability, and see a comparison of why this makes sense.

  2. The person who is already operating in a business structure - Unfortunately, our studies show that most people who are already operating their business, have a company structure that’s costing them thousands of dollars per year.  AND I CAN PROVE IT! In this case, it is wise to pay a little now, versus 100x more down the road. 

If you want to legally retain a greater portion of your earnings, the best way to do so is to set up your business and file your paperwork in a manner that affords you a degree of legal covering that also minimizes tax liability. I offer that to you.

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