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LinkedIn (B2B) Lead Gen Strategy

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Noticed LinkedIn is not a category...big mistake, especially if you are looking to find professionals and B2B people to work with.

Developed a little strategy that has added 4159 Connections, gotten 33 interviews for my podcast in under 60 days!  The number of searches my profile appears in more than doubled during the same period.  

And the best part is, it only takes 5 or 10 minutes a day!

If you are ready to add LinkedIn Leads to your list, this is the quickest (free) method!  

Let me walk you through it and help you get it set up, pulling in high quality, money making leads for your business.
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43 years+ business owner, 25 yrs+ Corp Exec., CFCertified Partner May 2017. Love bringing the magic of online systems and automation to the off-line brick & mortar world! Specializing in helping business owners strategize & supersize their business in ways that won't kill them!

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