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Track Your Traffic with Facebook Pixel

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OK, so everyone knows about Facebook ads, and everyone knows they need to get traffic, but do all traffic count?
What good would it do you to get a ton of traffic, but no conversions? Getting the RIGHT traffic is all that matters.

That I can help with.

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. What does that mean?
It means:
  • You will Reach the right people
  • You will Drive more sales
  • You will Measure the results of your ads
  • You will save money on the ads that don't generate revenue.
  • You will re-target the prospects who haven't signed up 
With Facebook Pixel you will be able to collect:
  • Pixel-specific data.
  • Button-click data.
  • Page metadata.
All this and more without any coding wizardry from your side. A Simple Plug & Play module.

And since you guys are my favorite group of people, For purchasing this Service you will get:
  • The Facebook Pixel Tracking Tool. (Value $399)
But as a Bonus, You also Get:
  • Google Analytics Tracking Tool. (Value $299)
  • Google Tag Manager Tool. (Value $199)
  • A Quick "How To" 1 on 1 session to understand all the figures and numbers you see in all those tools. (Value $99) 

So This Service should cost around 



As I said, you are my favorite group of people, so it's only for the mentioned price in the purchase tab
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