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Fast Forward Your Funnel With A Proper Explainer Video

Copywriting/Explainer Video Script
2 days estimated (4 days guaranteed) >
1 day on average
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Like the desire to introduce yourself to an interesting person, you know you want to, but what are you going to say? I'm glad you asked. Let me help.


Before your customers even care about where to click, or when or how, they need to know what they are clicking for. And before that...WHY?

As Simon Sinek so aptly put, we'll start with why.

If you aren't passionate about what you are doing, they can't be either. So let's get them excited!


So now you've got their attention. You've outlined the need, pleasure or pain, and you've put yourself in their shoes. You and your customer have established a common desire, and you have the answer. Let's tell them WHAT it is.

And Now:

This video script will condense the learning curve for your customer, so they can move through the rest of your funnel explaining the when, how and where of your product or service.

I am an accomplished creative writer and blogger, with over 100,000 words written including advertising copy, video scripts, blogs, and short stories. 

I will provide you with an explainer video script, complete with inflections and pauses and up to two rounds of revision.

Up to 250 words (about 1min 15 sec of speaking) - $79

Up to 500 words (an approximate 2min 30sec video) - $127 (see extras)

Up to 750 words (an approximate 4 minute video) - $197 (see extras)


We also offer voice over audio files! (see extras) We will read your script with the intended pace, inflection and pause in one of three different voices, giving you additional TIME and SAVINGS!

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over 2 years ago
Thank you! I love it, especially how you add the game of life being a numbers game throughout the text!
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<p>A husband, father of 2, published writer &amp; blogger, commercial real estate acquisition manager for non-profits, and owner of Stratus Cargo Canopies. An accomplished Senior Operations &amp; Financial Leader with 20 years of tailored executive, operational, and project management experience in leading organizations. Proven ability to align organizational production through the development and implementation of policies and procedures, operational strategy, financial systems, and staff management. Self-directed, using initiative to prioritize multiple projects and meet critical deadlines with accuracy while staying focused on the big picture.</p>

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