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We can help your squeeze page convert like a leads machine

Copywriting/Sales Letters
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So you got out there and shared your knowledge with the world.

I remember the first time I did it. It’s such a good feeling to have something to share with people and to help them have a better life.

Except it was a failure.

After I spent days to carefully craft my words, design beautiful covers and pictures, set up the connections between apps to gather the leads… not to mention the effort and money I put into creating my bribe (my lead magnet)...

But when the time came… nothing happened. No signups. No downloads.

Or when it finally happened, the leads were so far of what I was expecting.

Time has passed and after learning from the best marketers out there (like Russel Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker and Andre Chaperon) I managed to understand where squeeze pages fail and how to craft one that speaks the language and appeals to the audience I want to.

If your page is not converting the way you want now, I get you. And I want to help.

Truth is there are lots of factors that can influence how good your page is at converting the right people. Could be the headline, could be the benefits, could be the structure, could be your images, your form and CTA or even your lead magnet (even though it's free).

Schedule a coaching session with me and let’s figure out how to make it work.

So if you are struggling to find leads for your ideas, books, coaching program, online course or live events, click the appropriate button on this page and let’s talk and fix your page’s conversion problem.

Here’s what you get when you book today:

- Feedback on your squeeze page and comments on what to use to make it convert better

- Live coaching session to identify your right audience and craft the right messages to put on the page

- A complete checklist to use when you’ll create your future pages in order to make them right in the first place so that they convert

- A compelling hook, a catchy story and a converting CTA to assemble your perfect page

- The recording of our meeting so you can watch it whenever you need to in the future

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I help authors share their message with the world and turn more prospects into clients. I built funnels for: parenting, online marketing, health, business, finance, personal development courses. I am constantly learning from the best: Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss, Andre Chaperon.

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