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✔ Done For You Traffic ✔ Solo Ads Traffic Package ✔ Pay Per Click

Advertising/Ad Buyer
14 days estimated (19 days guaranteed) >
11 days on average
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Welcome to Fred's Premium Solo Ads Package

Here is a breakdown of EXACTLY what you will be getting

Fred's Premium Clicks

These subscribers In this list have actually bought a product between $9 and $2097!

  • Minimum 80% T1 countries
  • This list is INSANELY responsive and has PROVEN buyers
  • $1.5 - $0.8 per Click Based On What Package You Want To Get

When it comes to buying traffic for your online business and getting solo ads, there is really only ONE place to go. In the early spring of 2015 I took a good look at the industry as a whole and identified several problems.

The biggest one being that all the solo ad providers were simply building their lists by buying traffic from each other.. so inevitably all of the vendors would end up with the same subscribers on their list.

This would in turn mean that these subscribers (leads) were being hammered with the same offers over and over again... So...I thought about it, real hard, and for real long, Where do these leads come from, before they get onto 300 different lists and get spammed to death?

Well, they go to a search engine, like Google, or Bing and type in "how to make money online" or "work from home" If I could find a way to capture the leads at that stage, and then slowly groom them into buying offers etc I could solve a huge issue for the solo ad industry.

So I set out and started running highly targeted PPC campaigns, SEO and seeked out the top 1% of bloggers within the work from home niche. I agreed partnerships with them and bought banner space (ad space) on their blogs, and captured the leads FRESH. From there I took them on a journey, an education, rather than spamming them with offers. This is WHY my traffic is different and gets RESULTS.

Why is My Traffic Different?

All Solo Ads were NOT created equal- I built my list using methods and techniques that 99% of the industry do not. And that's why my results are different to 99% of the rest of the market place.

It can be frustrating not getting results in your business with solo ads and that's because a lot of the traffic and the subscribers are on multiple lists, get mailed about 20 times a day and have been scammed multiple times.

My traffic is an EXCEPTION to this rule because I put 5 months of strategic planning and execution into building it in various ways and ensuring the relationship I have with my list is a unique one.

How it Works

  • Step 1- You select your package (the number of unique visitors you desire). You will then be re-directed to a page where you will submit the link you want the traffic to go to.
  • Step 2- I will personally contact you within 24-48 hours to review your funnel and go through everything together to make sure everything is set up right
  • Step 3- I will personally review your funnel and tailor write ad copy related directly to your offer.
  • Step 4- I will notify you when your campaign begins!
  • Step 5- You will get awesome results!

Basic Package:
100 Clicks @ $1.5 per Click

Premium Package:
200 Clicks @ $1.3 per Click

Diamond Package:
500 Clicks @ $1.2 per Click

Platinum Package:
1,000 Clicks @ $1 per Click

VIP Package:
2,000 Clicks @$0.8 per Click

**These subscribers In this list have actually bought a product between $9 and $2097!
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