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I'll Rewrite Your Headlines To Beat Your Current Ones or it's FREE!

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17 days on average
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Do you need HOOKS for your funnel or the perfect name for your webinar? Doing the ONE FUNNEL AWAY challenge and worried about falling behind? I've been there...I've done it and I can help you name your webinar or help with any other headlines or subheadings you need for your sales funnel.

I'll rewrite your current headline that converts better than your current one, or beat your current landing page conversion or it's completely free and I"ll refund you.

After going through all the pain of creating your funnel or offer, I'm guessing you don't have the time or energy to brainstorm this.

Why not leave it to a professional copywriter with over 25 years of experience doing nothing but spitting out clever strings of words at blinding speed? Seriously, we all have our little innate talents, and for whatever reason, spitting out clumps of words that not only make sense and inspire action, but dazzle your targets into charmed submission and buying readiness is one of mine.

And as I enjoy having relative prosperity (like a roof over my head and food), why not help me out while also helping yourself out?

I could use all sorts of highfalutin language about the scientific principles of persuasion and influence to describe what I do.

I prefer to keep it simple: “I can write copy that makes you more money.”

Specifically, I can help you:

  • Write sales page headlines that convert like crazy
  • Create subject lines for email autoresponder sequences that get opened like mad
  • Craft brilliant webinar names that have people sold on whatever you're upselling them on at the end before they've even listened to a word of it

Let's get started then, shall we?

What you get: 10 of whatever type of headline you're hiring me for (funnel page, email subject line, or webinar name).

What I get: Bragging rights of yet another satisfied customer and hopefully a little bill-paying money. 

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6 months ago
Great Headlines, very persuasive.
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over 2 years ago
I'm a blogger and while words are my thing, I was way too close to my project to come up with a name (and tribe). heidicipher gave me amazing headlines that I'm working into all of my copy. Her headlines were enough to spark more ideas so now I have everything I need to move forward with my branding for a membership program! Extremely happy with this!
Thumb heidi bio
over 2 years ago
So happy to hear this!
Medium heidi bio
The Copy Cipher
Online 6 months ago



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Digital marketing pro, copywriter, and Founder of digital marketing agency Cipher Collective. I'm passionate about helping Creative Entrepreneurs increase their influence so they can positively impact the world. My newest offering is to write email sequences and sales funnel copy for your offer.

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