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🏆Instagram Virtual Assistant Tool - Marketing & Growth DAILY 🏆

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If you watch any trainings on Instagram they'll tell you to like posts, comment, and follow accounts you want to have follow you back.

Unfortunately, if you're also trying to run a business, all these Instagram marketing techniques take TOO much time.

The Instagram Virtual Assistant tool is like hiring an army of virtual assistants to work for you to take care of these tedious tasks that can be easily automated using our custom built software.

This software was originally built to help a small group of ecommerce sellers grow an audience and generate leads from Instagram...but in the last month we've made it also exclusively available to the #funnelhacker community.

There are many choices out there when it comes to Instagram marketing and automation tools, but our IGVA tool stands above the rest because it focuses on targeting the most engaged users on Instagram.

If you've been on Instagram for the past year, you've seen how much of a struggle it has been to fight the algorithm and get engagement on your posts.

When you post, a tiny percentage of your actual followers are seeing those posts, and an even smaller percentage are engaging with it through likes or comments.

Our tool shines because we've developed a software that only goes after bringing you followers who are already engaged and active on Instagram.

How It Works in 7 Steps:

1. You fill out a short questionnaire sharing some of your competitors or large Instagram accounts that you would LOVE to have their followers come over to your account and follow you. For example, we worked with someone in the wedding niche. They put accounts like @marthastewartweddings @theknot @weddingwire in the questionnaire.

2. From there we'll ask you what types of hashtags your ideal customer is going to be using. In the wedding example, they put hashtags like #justengaged #gettingmarried and #bridetobe (if you can't think of hashtags to target, don't worry, we'll help!)

3. We take this info, analyze your account and put all the right parameters to attract your ideal customer into our software. The software creates a "pool" of people out of the settings we put in from above (all the people who followed @theknot and use the hashtag #justengaged etc).

4. From there, the software analyzes those thousands of people and finds the ones who ENGAGE the most with content on Instagram, the people who are already liking and commenting on posts.

5. The software then takes over your account and starts to engage with these people. It will like their posts, it will follow them and it will even unfollow them after a period of time they don't follow you back. This technique works very well to get your account in front of many eyes per day because every time you like someone's post or follow them, that's a potential opportunity for them to be notified and wonder "who is this?"

6. These engaged users on Instagram will see your account and because we've set up this tool to only market to your target audience, when they visit your account they're going to love your content too and click follow.

7. Once we turn on the tool we generally see an average of 5-20 new followers per day (depending on your niche). It's slow growth but 5-20 new followers means 5-20 new leads and customers per day. With the 50+ test group we ran this tool on we saw an average of 500 followers per month. Add that up over time and you'll be on your way to growing a serious Instagram of loyal, highly engaged followers.

Why The IGVA Tool Is Amazing...
  • Only Targets Followers with Highest Engagement (no other tool on the market can do this that we know of)!
  • Grow Your Account 5-20 New Followers Per Day (depending on the niche)
  • Put The Tedious Work of Instagram Marketing on Autopilot
  • Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind for Current Followers, While Attracting New Followers Daily

What You're Getting For This Price...

The Instagram Virtual Assistant tool is a subscription based service. To the general public, it costs $47/mo...
But for the Funnel Rolodex community we'd love to gift you one month free when you subscribe for 3 months for a one time investment of $97.

After the 3 months, you will have the opportunity to continue the subscription and continue to grow your Instagram daily with this powerful tool.


As a free bonus, when you sign up, we'll add you to our Swipe Up Secrets Facebook Group where we are doing additional free trainings and instructional videos on growing your Instagram brand: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swipeup/
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