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Perfecting Your Online DNA - Discovery & Action Plan

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When it comes to your online presence, every piece of information about your business does one of two things when it comes to earning the business of your ideal client...

You either WIN trust or LOSE trust!

The purpose of perfecting your online DNA through our Discovery & Action Plan is to ensure that you are giving yourself the highest possible chances of success by focusing your energies and efforts on the strategies that actually lead to results. Those results all start with building trust.

But here's the thing...

While other agencies are happy to apply to you a one size fits all solution that may or may not work... we won't be forcing you into a cookie cutter model because it's the easy path for us.


We put in the extra work required to deliver top-tier results through a customized approach while keeping it as simple as possible for you.

The truth is, you are unique. Your situation is unique. Your attractive character's identity is unique. Your offer to the market is unique. We must fully understand your position and build a comprehensive plan of attack.

Our Discovery & Action Plan services are not for everyone. We know we are far from the cheapest option, but I once heard that the cheapest option often times end up being the most expensive one.

Here's the hard truth. Your marketing plan isn't what you want it to be, or even what I want it to be. Your marketing plan is what your market tells you it should be. 

Here's how this works.

I freely admit that I don't know the answers to your problems, yet. In order to create a strategy that I would employ if it were my own business, I need to do a ton of research. Market research, competition analysis, market size, position in the market, product research, and much more. This research is known as the 'Discovery'. 

Once the 'Discovery' is complete, I have a much better understanding of what strategies would actually matter for getting the results you desire based on a variety of pieces of data collected through the 'Discovery'.  

We then apply our expertise to develop an actionable strategy guide for you to follow. This 'Action Plan' manifests itself as a 50+ page PDF loaded with meaningful data points, and the step by step strategy we would utilize if we were in your exact position. There is no fluff.

This is also accompanied by a formal presentation where we cover the key milestones, expected budgets, primary reasoning for the strategy outlined, and field any questions you may have. 

We have a 10 business day turn around time guarantee, as we believe that success is the speed of implementation. You need results fast, but results are a manifestation of the strength of your strategy. 

Remember, we give your business power through simplicity. 
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Serial entrepreneur living in France with his life and business partner, Marine Laurent. We have built two agencies, Simply Powerful Consulting where we give your business power through simplicity, and ADcountants, an agency specifically for entrepreneurial accountants. Clickfunnels Certified.

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