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SOURCING, MANAGEMENT, FULFILLMENT of Print, Apparel, Packaging, Promo Products

Agencies/Business Services
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Dear Fellow Funnel Hacker,

My name is Ian, I am a recently married, former pro athlete turned fellow funnel hacker

While I'm not out there developing my side hustle, I represent a Marketing Logistics firm out of Philadelphia. 

We work with some major Fortune 1000 companies when it comes to the sourcing of print, product packaging, promotional products, branded items, apparel, and more - as well as the fulfillment of those items.  

  • We are kinda like a broker combined with a fulfillment house who also adds bodies to your marketing team.

On a side note, my favorite piece of our business is Direct Mail management because we essential construct and manage an old school funnel... so if you ever want to buy traffic through mail, we've got you covered there as well.

Here is my offer:

ONLY for anyone spending > $100K annually on Fulfillment, Print, Apparel, Promotional Products, Product Packaging, Direct Mail - I personally guarantee to be the best resource available when it comes to combining these categories with your Funnel.  This $197 offer is for a 30 Minute Strategy Session by phone.  If we end up doing business together I will upfront return your cost 10X by applying a $1,970 credit to your account which may be redeemed after you exceed $22K in spend (because 22 is my favorite number).

In regards to our credibility, here are the 2018 national rankings for the above categories:

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Former minor league baseball player who left that dream to pursue another... Fellow Funnel Hacker who manages a Marketing Logistics team out of Philadelphia Think: Funnel Hacker Black Box, Cookbook, Stickers, Printed Coupons, T-Shirts, Yetis, Pop-Sockits, Backpacks, etc...

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