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Professional Award Winning FULL Video Production & Editing (USA ONLY)

Video/Animation/Explainer Video
29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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TréCreative LLC is a full service film and photography production company based in Northern, California. TréCreative has been in business for six years and is owned by husband and wife team Stephen&Chelsey Diaz.

TréCreative has worked international clients such as CrossFit, Martha Stewart Weddings, Opus One, Liberty Mutual, and Southern Teaz, as well as local Northern California clients such as Butte County, Century 21, Moby Wrap, Woodstock’s Pizza, Modern Building Inc, Otto Construction, Studio 22, Orland High School, Lulu*s, Woodzee Sunglasses, and North Rim CrossFit.

TréCreative is best known for their crowdfunding video work at: http://kickstarter.video/
And their branding and lifestyle photography at: https://trecreative.com/

TréCreative has worked with clients on video projects ranging from $10,000-200,000+. For the Funnel Rolodex community, TréCreative is offering a special rate of $9,997 USD which includes a one day "about us" or "product overview" style film shoot, plus travel anywhere in the United States.

This video package will include pre-production (planning), production (shooting), and post-production (editing). It will also include music licensing and all travel expenses. If additional shoot dates are desired, they may be added below. For longer shoots, please submit a request for a custom quote through http://kickstarter.video/.

2017 Work Samples:

·       CrossFit HQ Viral Mini-Documentaries:


·       Martha Stewart Weddings Behind The Scenes with The Idea Emporium:


·       Tami Faulkner Interior Designer  – Oroville, CA - https://vimeo.com/207395619

·       Replanting, Opus One  – Napa, CA - https://vimeo.com/228927827/6b9e621e12

·       Yearly Opus One Tasting Notes  – Napa, CA - https://vimeo.com/215057378/5a432f0ecd

·       Yearly Opus One Growing Season  – Napa, CA - https://vimeo.com/215116402/ee143cd2fc

·       Rising Tide Society  – San Francisco, CA - https://vimeo.com/206605181

·       Athlete Committed, Road Less Traveled & Champions 30 Second TV Commercial:

https://vimeo.com/230945605 , https://vimeo.com/230945101

·       Committed to Quality, Well Industries  – https://vimeo.com/201368945

2016 Work Samples:

·       ENGO Kickstarter – Entertainment on the Go – https://vimeo.com/160304598

·       LunaTac – Kendama Innovation Commercial – https://vimeo.com/188608647

·       HUV Hover Display Kickstarter  – Chico, CA: https://vimeo.com/162004619

·       Giving Keys Realtor Commercial – https://vimeo.com/181240066

·       Serving Our Community Mini Documentary – https://vimeo.com/169053979

·       KIYOJO, Kickstarter Film – https://vimeo.com/144642804

·       Hello I’m Moby, Moby Wrap Promotional Film – https://vimeo.com/139015178

·       The Pursuit Community Story – Eugene, OR https://vimeo.com/134463901

·       Studio 22, Creative Brand Management – https://vimeo.com/132161734

·       Otto Construction, Living a Legacy – Sacramento, CA: https://vimeo.com/126204326

·       Southern Teaz – 60 Second Commercial https://vimeo.com/113886554

·       Shot Stats Challenger, Make Your Tennis Racket Smart – Atlanta, GA - https://vimeo.com/94947509

·       Pursuit 31 Conference Highlight - Rome, GA - https://vimeo.com/107092980

·       The Greatest Modern Story Ever Told – Chico, CA - https://vimeo.com/82222815

·       North Rim CrossFit, Run Circles Around Your Former Self – Chico, CA https://vimeo.com/81905844

·       Style&Nature – Woodzee Lookbook – Chico, CA https://vimeo.com/82160756

·       Boards on Nord, Penny Nickel 27” Mini Longboard Commercial – Chico, CA https://vimeo.com/66765123

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