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Tired Of FB Ads Taking Your Money Without Giving You Conversions?

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ATTN Traffic Seekers: Verifiable Facebook Ads Profitability And Scaling Expert

Strategic and measurable Facebook advertising that skyrockets your ROI handled by expert implementation.

Hate that sinking feeling in your stomach that comes from running unsuccessful Facebook ads?

I know I used to...

It's that feeling that kicks in when you look at your ad account and costs reach hundreds or thousands of dollars a day...

Then you look at the rest of the data and your conversions sit at or near zero.

It's that knot of frustration that sits in the middle of your brain.

It's that frustration that festers into anger and finally surrender as you give up wondering why your ads just aren't bringing home the bacon.

But let me ask you a question…

What business are you in?

Have your answer?

You may not realize it, but one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, once said...

“You’re not in the ________________ (insert your business here) business. You’re in the marketing business.”

Whatever your business is, your product or service is just your deliverable.

Marketing that product or service is your real business.

Even though you put in the blood and sweat to create and build your baby...

I'm willing to bet that most likely when you were putting in the long hours nurturing and feeding that baby the best way you could...

No one ever told you that you also needed to know how to show that baby off to the world.

Most likely no one ever told you the step by step method you need to also grow that baby into a child star getting Hollywood movie offers thrown at you left and right...

But it's not your fault.

Most entrepreneurs I've met spend their lives becoming the best at their trade without anyone ever giving them a playbook on how to tell people about it.

Even when you realize this - you may forge out on your own to conquer your marketing challenge...

You then hear about Facebook and it's ridiculous amounts of targeting and demographic data allowing you to pick your customer out of crowd like a magnet does with iron filings.

You then give it a go and one of a few things happens:

- You can’t get anything working. Try as you might, nothing’s converting. You’re losing money fast, and you don’t know why.

- You can’t keep your ad account active. Facebook says, “Sorry. We can no longer continue your account.” It’s gut-wrenching. You have no recourse. And they often won’t even get back to you to discuss it!

- Even worse, you can’t scale your ads profitably. You start to see profit. You decide to increase your budget and then everything tanks. Your CPA shoots up. Your relevance score plummets. Your blood pressure skyrockets…

The truth is that success on Facebook is about math and psychology (along with navigating their changing ad policies).

And the real secret sauce?

...Having proven processes and systems to use to navigate the testing, optimization, and scaling process.

My name's Brad, and I'm a passionate Facebook marketing nerd with a direct response marketing and data analysis obsession.

The thing you have to realize is that for all the successful marketers and marketing campaigns out there that you've heard of...

All of those people and campaigns tried and failed until they got the psychology of their message right.

Then they made it work using simple math because they knew their business numbers.

And that's what I do...

I test through all of the failures...

I have systems that work through everything that doesn't work...

And I use my research about your ideal customer to craft a message that speaks right to their pains and deepest desires like a skilled surgeon making a precision cut during open heart surgery...

I live for this stuff and have spent countless hours and tens of thousands in cash learning, trying, and testing what does and doesn’t work now in today’s market environment.

And the real pain is...

The process is NEVER complete!

The market always changes and so does the marketing needed to reach it.

Just about every business owner I encounter is too busy to stay on top of all of this.

And marketing is about testing initially to see what works.

It's not blowing money on advertising - It's buying data to see what doesn't work.

The faster you do that... The faster you see what does!

But what I take comfort in is...

It doesn't matter what you sell.

Direct response marketing principles apply to any business because they're based on human psychology and motivation.

When it comes to applying these principles with a mathematic approach to Facebook...

I can show you how to double your ROI from your Facebook ad spend.  

I have a 3 critical point account review process I'll perform for you.

It covers your ad strategy, your funnel, and your offer to tell you exactly where the pain is and how to fix it...

I normally charge $100 an hour just for consulting work.

But I'll do this for FREE.

No obligation. We just hop on a call and you get a diagnosis showing where your weakest link is and what to do about it.

And I'm willing to do it because if you like what I tell you enough, you may just want me to implement it for you.

So, if you're ready to stop taking aspirin to relieve the pain from a tumor and just get the tumor removed...

Then let's schedule a call today.

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I'm an avid fitness nut and weight lift plus do cardio 5 days a week. I'm a guitarist, Les Paul lover, and get down with old R&B and blues. I've never owned my own pets, but my friends call me the "dog whisperer". I'm half Brazilian, don't know any Jiu-jitsu, and can't speak Portuguese!

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