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White Glove Expert Facebook Ad Account Setup

7 days estimated (12 days guaranteed) >
Small fb white glove account setup

Full Service Expert Ad Account Setup

This is a white glove service in which we will go into your ad account, optimize your page, create your pixel, and build your top retargeting audiences from scratch. All of the foundational set up will be complete for when you are ready to launch future ad campaigns.

We will configure all the settings properly to make sure all you can hit the ground running– not just for these retargeting campaigns but for every campaign you want to launch in the future. We will configure all of your settings using best practices which have been used over the years across a huge variety of businesses.

Continue below to read further details of what’s included!

 Facebook Remarketing Audiences

We Will Perform a Deep Dive into Your Brand and Build Your Most Important Retargeting Audiences You Should Have.

One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. In fact, compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate.

On top of that being able to “automatically follow-up” with people that have shown interest in your brand utilizing Facebook ads is one of the most effective and cost-effective means of advertising today! The retargeting audiences that we will build include:

Website Visitors

  • Visited Website Last 180 Days

  • Visited Website Last 90 Days

  • Visited Website Last 60 Days

  • Visited Website Last 30 Days

  • Visited Website Last 14 Days

  • Visited Website Last 7 Days

Facebook Engagement

  • Facebook Page Fans

  • Friends of Facebook Page Fans

  • Facebook Engagement 180 Days

  • Facebook Engagement 90 Days

  • Facebook Engagement 60 Days

  • Facebook Engagement 30 Days

  • Facebook Engagement 14 Days

Instagram Engagement

  • Instagram Engagement 180 Days

  • Instagram Engagement 90 Days

  • Instagram Engagement 60 Days

  • Instagram Engagement 30 Days

  • Instagram Engagement 14 Days

 Niche/Interest &  Lookalike Audiences

Niche/Interest audiences will be built based on the geographic area, demographic data, and interests related to your niche. Lookalike audiences will be built based on the existing customer/lead lists you have. We will upload this data to Facebook and target people who are most like your existing customers, very powerful!

*NOTE: Once your website is built out we will be able to build audiences based on specific pages that are visited.

Facebook Conversion Pixel

We will also help you setup the Facebook conversion pixel on your website.

The FB pixel is a snippet of code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad Facebook campaigns.

Three Major Advantages Of the Pixel installation:

  1. Creating Lookalike Audiences: You will be able to target people who are similar to your best customers/visitors;

  2. Accessing Audience Insights: You will be able to access essential insights about the people who visited your website;

  3. Retargeting your Visitors: You will be able to retarget directly on Facebook the people that have just visited your website.

When you don't use the pixel, every single visit of your website which does not end with a sale or conversion ends up being a totally lost visit. With the pixel, you can retarget these lost visitors and win them back.

The standard installation is for the standard events (view content, add-to-cart, initiate checkout, search, complete registration, purchase)

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