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I Will Pay 50% Of Your Sales Letter Copy Upfront!

Copywriting/Sales Letters
3 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
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Dear participant of the 30 Day Challenge and upcoming multimillionaire ( sounds great, doesn't it? ),

I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming days of the challenge! This challenge can transform my life and your life, if we are willing to put in the amount of work which is necessary.

One major learning point for me was to delegate all the work which is not my expertise ( no crappy eCover creation skills unlocked ).

Maybe you need also someone who takes care of topics you are not an expert in. Therefore, I want to make you an excellent offer which helps you becoming a future superstar without breaking your bank account!

Done for you Sales Letter - I will pay 50% upfront ( read it to the end, I will explain exactly what that means! )

Participants in this challenge are from all over the world, which makes it a little hard to find out if someone has the skills to help you.

Therefore, I like to lower your risk dramatically:

I will create a high-conversion sales letter for you, which includes ...

... a thirty minute strategy call, where we brainstorm ideas and talk about your target group ( Value: $250 )

... a complete, high-converting sales letter written for your sales page ( Value: $3000 )

... a PDF report with ideas ( alternative headlines etc. ) which you can splittest ( Value: $200 )

Value: $3450

This is probably your first time you are creating a product or service which helps you building your dream life. When I started as an entrepreneur a few years ago, I had absolute zero money.

As an experienced copywriter, I know that good sales copy is incredibly important for success. Don't write sales copy yourself if you are not familiar with all the nitty-gritty details of it!

Therefore, because I'm also a participant in the 30 Day Challenge and really want to help you and other participants in the challenge becoming successful, I will give you a huge discount!

Special Price for 30 Day Challenge participants:

$997 instead of $3450!

As I said before, I want lower your risk dramatically. If you decide to buy today, I will pay 50% upfront!

What does that mean?

I pay $500 upfront, such that you only pay $497!

If the sales letter is successful, you can decide if you pay me the $500 as a royalty for my good work.

Wish you a lot of success in the Challenge!


Tim Walther - Copywriter & PPC-Marketer

P.S. if you have further questions, feel free to ask me! :-) 

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Hi! I'm Tim and a passionate Marketer with a focus on PPC-Advertising and E-Commerce. I can help you getting more leads and sales with facebook marketing!

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