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One Funnel Away Challenge Funnel Strategy Session

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
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2 days on average
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Is the One Funnel Away Challenge making your head spin?

Yeah, I get how you feel because just a few years back, I felt the same way when I first found out about all this weird internet marketing stuff.

But make no mistake, taking the OFA Challenge was the best decision you ever made in your life.


Because you are being given a shortcut to building your dream business that wasn’t available until only very recently.

Think about it: In only 30 days, you will probably learn more about marketing than you would if you went to an Ivy League school for an MBA.

The only problem with the OFA Challenge... is that everything is happening so fast.

This makes it so easy to feel overwhelmed and confused, especially if you are new to using ClickFunnels or aren’t that tech savvy nerd.

Well, that’s how I felt the first time I built a funnel and that’s what my clients say to me as well.

And after building a couple of hundred funnels, do you want to know what I found out?

Building a funnel…requires A LOT OF WORK.

Just think about all the different skills you need to build an entire funnel: graphic design, IT, competitor analysis copywriting, offer creation, traffic, email marketing, automation, content creation, videography, etc.

Sounds like a lot of stuff, right?

Your problem is that you don't have the time or knowledge to figure out all this stuff by yourself.

And to be candid, most businesses and entrepreneurs want to build those components as they go, rather than in advance.

Wasted time, wasted capital and wasted resources often accompany this approach, which ultimately always leads to FUNNEL FAILURE.

That’s where I come in.

With your permission, I’d like to help you connect the dots by helping you choose the right funnel strategy.

I am confident that after completing the funnel strategy and business roadmap session with me, you will gain the following benefits:

  1. CLARITY – You will have complete clarity for your business, as it relates to the components you have shared with me, regarding what is needed to accomplish your online marketing and sales goals. You will know estimated costs, timelines, technologies, work effort required, and more importantly financial projections of revenue potential.

  2. FOCUS – You will know what components you have and what you need, so you and can easily determine if you want to build it yourself, outsource it to others, or hire me to do it for you.

  3. ENERGY – Lack of clarity drains energy. You won’t waste time and money trying to investigate all the technical components yourself, and trying to figure out how to integrate everything together.

  4. PRODUCTIVITY – Clarity, Focus and Energy creates an atmosphere of Productivity. You will know exactly what to focus your efforts on, building content for your business, developing great health products and fulfilling product orders, as the business requires. You will know when your work effort is needed for your business goals to be accomplished. Your only focus will be activities that generate revenue.

Your end result is that you will have a business that has an executable plan and hope without confusion.

No business should start without this roadmap and I would love to be your funnel partner in the implementation and long term success of your business.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

If you're interested in working with me, there's a blue button on the right side of the screen that says “Buy Now”.

Scroll up and click it

Once you’ve hired me, you will need to visit my calendar page and book a time for us to talk, then, we’ll hop on a call of the time you selected.

I’ll answer any questions you have, and I’m going to ask you a few myself.

Anyways, if you've read this far, then there's no need to fear anymore. You can rest easy at night knowing you've found this Funnel Rolodex gig and I am exactly what you've been looking for.

I look forward to talking with you soon so we can take your business to the next level!


- Matty

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Thumb koz
about 18 hours ago
A very cool guy who knows his stuff. I was very happy with this gig. He should increase his price by 10X! If you are new to funnels, this coaching session will help you a lot and he will then send you a lot of supporting stuff that makes it worth 10X. I highly recommend him to our community...
Thumb 69643892 2409170622511690 1501351314905366528 n
1 day ago
Great call, Matty has shared with me a lot of strategies and was very friendly! Looking forward to our next call
Default avatar
4 days ago
Matty knows what he is talking about! Highly recommend
Default avatar
5 days ago
I've used Matty a couple of times now. He's great! Really knows his stuff. Loads of great ideas and he. sends you an email of all the points discussed. 10/10
Default avatar
6 days ago
Awesome delivery! Highly recomended gave me some great valuable tips. I could tell that Matty has a lot of experience about marketing and he knows his stuff. Highly recomended!
Thumb screen shot 2016 05 12 at 11.01.34 pm
16 days ago
From the moment Matty started his Funnel Strategy with me I was amazed of his knowledge on online marketing. He gave me clarity on what I can do to find my niche, identify my client avatar and how I can package my offer. He also gave me plenty of valuable tips and suggestions how I can enhance my future funnel. I definitely recommend him as an expert in his field. Thank you, Matty :)
Thumb faceshot
17 days ago
This call was very informative and helpful. The sentence, "Wow that was awesome" came out of my mouth at least 3 times after we ended the call. Matty walked me through the funnel process for my product. My product is more IT based and thankfully he has good experience with IT clients so he gave me some awesome advice related to my industry. I am a beginner to funnels and online marketing. Matty not only give me the funnel process, but also recommended how to go about it so I learn quick and get results as well. Start with Organic methods then get into Paid once I've gotten experience. My goal is to become a marketing expert myself eventually so his recommendations on going about building my funnel were valuable. I left the conversation feeling invigorated and motivated to start the plan and continue on in my OFA challenge. Highly recommend Matty for a call to help with your funnel, ESPECIALLY if your new into all this. Thanks.
Default avatar
18 days ago
Matty was really great!!! I'd highly recommend talking with Matty. He was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to many ideas. Thank you
Default avatar
19 days ago
I'm so glad I got to finally cleared things up on this journey. Matty shed so much light on my situation that I now have a clear path of how I want to get started. Thanks So Much!
Thumb 2019 08 24 11 29 01 foto
19 days ago
Matty is very easy going and shares valuable tips and insights from his personal experience. I would recommended anyone to have a chat with him before proceeding with the business roadmap, as you might want a second pair of eyes to look at your path =)
Default avatar
about 1 month ago
Absolutely the best $5 dollars that I have ever spent (including my favorite Starbucks drinks)!Matt was so knowledgeable and provided such insight to my questions.I recommend his services highly and will use him again and again!Dianna Smith
Default avatar
about 1 month ago
5 Stars - not sure why I cannot add on buyer ratings.
Default avatar
about 1 month ago
Matt was super helpful during the call. I will definitely reach out to him again if I get stuck.  He was able to help me with questions I had in shopify as well as clickfunnels, and actionetics.  
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Matty Milligan
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