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2 Comma Club Funnel Strategy Session

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
5 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
6 days on average
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Matty was incredible! He is so knowledgeable and patient. There are no words to describe how helpful my call was with Matty! I had no idea what to do. Not only did he layout out my funnel plan, but he planned out my entire marketing strategy! Don't tell Matty, but I would have gladly paid $100 for this call and still feel like he over delivered. Can't wait to implement his ideas! ps I paid a whole lot more for someone else in the Funnel Rolodex and didn't get one 10th of what I got from Matty.” - Sidra G.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I'm so glad I got to finally cleared things up on this journey. Matty shed so much light on my situation that I now have a clear path of how I want to get started. Thanks So Much!” - John S.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Matty was an absolute professional. His insights regarding funnel building, traffic acquisition, and content building were very useful. I recommend this service to anyone trying to build up their marketing!” - David V.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“From the moment Matty started his Funnel Strategy with me I was amazed of his knowledge on online marketing. He gave me clarity on what I can do to find my niche, identify my client avatar and how I can package my offer. He also gave me plenty of valuable tips and suggestions how I can enhance my future funnel. I definitely recommend him as an expert in his field. Thank you, Matty :)” - Vitaliy K

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Highly recommend Matt. Within just a few minutes into our conversation that I realised Matt has a really deep understanding of Funnels across a broad range of businesses & offers. Thanks for your help and setting me mind clear on what I need to do from here.” - Matty K.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“A very cool guy who knows his stuff. I was very happy with this gig. He should increase his price by 10X! If you are new to funnels, this coaching session will help you a lot and he will then send you a lot of supporting stuff that makes it worth 10X. I highly recommend him to our community…” - Koz K.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Matty is full of great ideas and helped me gain a lot of clarity. I was originally seeking to clarify my questions with building my funnel but also came away with some insights on publishing content and some follow up email strategy. Matty knows what he's doing and easy to talk to. I'd highly recommend taking him up on this gig.” - Dehn Harper

Dear Funnelhacker,

I Won’t Try To “Hard-Sell” You On This Gig

The fact that you have read this far only proves that you have a problem.

And your problem is that you are STUCK.

Stuck with so many great ideas but don’t implement them...

Stuck not knowing which funnel to build…

Stuck on all the overly complicated and boring tech stuff…

Stuck getting more visitors and traffic to your website…

Stuck not knowing how to start or grow your business.

Stuck wanting more clients and customers...

Stuck not knowing which guru, agency, or freelancer to trust…

And being stuck makes you feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated because you want to be in the 2 Comma Club…

...but don't have the time or knowledge to figure everything out by yourself.

How Do I Know This About You?

Because this is how I felt when I first started my business, so I get.

Plus, this is also what all of my clients tell me every....single...day.

In fact, the vast majority of business owners are clueless about what is actually needed to build a successful 7 figure funnel.

Just think about all the different things you need to build an entire funnel: graphic design, IT, competitor analysis copywriting, avatar identification, offer development, traffic, media buying, email marketing, automation, content creation, social media, videography, etc.

Yet, because most entrepreneurs lack proper funnel funding, they usually only build these components into their campaign as they go, rather than in advance.

And what does this kind of approach ultimately lead to?

Wasted time, capital and energy which ends in ultimately in “Disastrous Funnel Failure”.

Look, whatever you do, don’t gamble with your future like this.

It’s time you put an end to being trapped inside your head not knowing the next steps.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get UN-STUCK so you have clarity on your “big-picture vision” once and for all?

Okay, and wouldn’t you agree that once you have clarity you will AUTOMATICALLY have more focus and energy which ultimately leads to increased productivity?


Here’s The Point Of All This

The only solution to getting out of “paralysis analysis” is to find a trusted advisor that GENUINELY cares about your future.

Someone that can help you get out of your head and back into momentum.

And with your permission, it would be my pleasure to help you achieve this with during “2 Comma Club Funnel Strategy Session”.

Here’s How It Works:

The goal of the “2 Comma Club Funnel Strategy Session” is to give you a crystal clear strategy and roadmap for launching your 7 figure funnel in the next 12 months.

There's a blue button on the right side of the screen that says “Buy Now”.

Scroll up and click it.

Once you’ve hired me, I’ll send you a link to my calendar where you will choose a time slot.

Then, we’ll hop on a call at the time you selected.

During the call, I’ll answer any questions you have, and I’ll definitely asking you a few myself.

I’ll help you identify the one thing you must do instead of the million things you could do.

And I’m so confident in my consulting talents that I’m staking my reputation on it.


If You Feel Like I Did Not Overdeliver, I’ll Refund You In Full And Send You An “I Always Overdeliver” T-Shirt

Pretty insane, eh?

Now, look…

I Need To Be Completely Open, Honest And Transparent With You About Something.

I myself am NOT in the 2 comma club yet, but I have studied ALL the marketing legends like Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Jay Abraham, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, etc. to acquire my unique skill set.

Plus, I worked as a “Merchant Success Guru” at Shopify for 2.5 years which means I have a wealth of business coaching and consulting experience. I’ve consulted with 3000+ Entrepreneurs over the last 4 years.

And finally, I do have clients who will be in the 2 Comma Club very soon.

And if you are worried that I won’t understand your weird sub-niche business...don’t worry.


I’ve Coached Business Owners In Practically Every Industry, Niche & Submarket

- Ecommerce

- Coaches and consultants

- Course creators

- Authors, thought leaders and influencers

- Manual service providers

- Local businesses - dentists, chiropractors, gyms, contractors, restaurants etc.

- MLM/Network marketers

- Real estate agents and brokers - commercial and residential

- Marketing agencies

- B2B and B2C


- High-risk or restricted products

- Many, MANY MORE!

Crazy, eh?

Now you’re probably wondering, “Why only $30 if you are such a legend?”

Easy, I do plan to 100x the price of this gig in the future but I believe the best way to grow my personal brand is by creating goodwill and bringing value to others first.

In short...

You Receive Clarity + I Build My Personal Brand

= WIN/WIN Scenario

Plus, this also allows me to keep an “ear to the street” so I’m aware of the latest news, updates and happenings in the ClickFunnels community.

Alright, enough about me... imagine how much peace of mind YOU will have after our call.

Would that be worth 7 bucks to you?

I bet it would, wouldn't it?

With all that said, this is the moment of decision.

If you're interested, there's a blue “Buy Now” button.

Don’t forget that you have absolutely nothing to lose, and I’ll send you an “I Always Overdeliver T-Shirt” and give you a refund if you feel I didn’t bring you more than $97 of value during our call.

But if you’re sitting there thinking, “Maybe I should think about this,” DON’T.

Now is the only time you will ever get this opportunity since I’m raising the price very soon.

I invite you to click on the blue “Buy Now” button so we can have a conversation about your future 2 Comma Club Award.

It’s your turn and you deserve it.

Your boiii, "The Ace Of Overdeliver", "The Beast Of Bay Street", "The Lord Of Chaos"...

~ Matty Milligan

P.S.: There’s still time for you to get clarity on your 2 Comma Club Funnel for only a $97 investment but this price will increase very soon.


Remember, you’re just One Funnel Away.

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5 days ago
Matty is Great guy to talk! He is experienced in Funnels and really trying to overdeliver to the client (e.g. he spent more then 1 hour in zoom trying to complete our scheduled task - to run my purchased funnel)
Thumb screenshot 20210917 012024
5 days ago
Matty is Great guy to talk! He is experienced in Funnels and really trying to overdeliver to the client (e.g. he spent more tien 1 hour in zoom trying to complete our scheduled task - to run my purchased funnel)
Default avatar
4 months ago
The session with Matty was super helpful and insightful. He has a TON of wisdom and experience and has tried a lot of different avenues in his testing. Obviously being a funnel builder for others gives him this insight which helped clear my head and get me moving again where I had stalled
Default avatar
5 months ago
After working with Matty he is now my go-to guy for all things funnel related. My business would not be up and running effectively and efficiently without Matty's help, knowledge and guidance...Thanks again Matty for all your help I really do appreciate it and I am looking forward to working with you on my next funnel!
Default avatar
6 months ago
I had a 2 Comma Club coaching call with Matty, and he is knowledgeable and ready to help one move to the next level. I'm looking forward to working with him on my projects!
Default avatar
6 months ago
Matty was awesome - I am looking forward to working with him on numerous projects that we have coming up in the next few months.
Default avatar
6 months ago
I paid for a short consultation, but Matty and I spoke for about an hour. He answered all my questions and provided me with a funnel strategy specific to my industry. I would highly recommend Matty if you need help growing your business.
Default avatar
7 months ago
Very Professional!
Default avatar
7 months ago
Matty was laid back and I enjoyed talking to him. He gave me his thoughts and experiences on what I was doing and suggestions to get unstuck. Would highly recommend having a similar call with Matty. I look forward to working with him on my future projects.
Default avatar
7 months ago
Matty was great! He listened attentively to our business's situation and provided solutions to increase ROI. His knowledge of the intricacies of online marketing was well worth the call. Most importantly, Matty has a true passion for his clients. I felt like I was talking to a friend that I had not seen for a long time. We all need partners in this sometimes cut-throat business landscape. From one phone call, Matty already feels like a trusted partner. I would recommend his services to other business owners looking to increase online revenues.
Default avatar
about 2 years ago
Absolutely the best $5 dollars that I have ever spent (including my favorite Starbucks drinks)!Matt was so knowledgeable and provided such insight to my questions.I recommend his services highly and will use him again and again!Dianna Smith
Default avatar
about 2 years ago
5 Stars - not sure why I cannot add on buyer ratings.
Default avatar
about 2 years ago
Matt was super helpful during the call. I will definitely reach out to him again if I get stuck.  He was able to help me with questions I had in shopify as well as clickfunnels, and actionetics.  
Default avatar
almost 2 years ago
Just had my session with Matty and it was great! He took the time to understand my situation and then guided me through the steps to take to achieve my goals. He offered examples of other funnels to help me see the structure. I would highly recommend Matty to help get you the clarity you need to move forward! Thanks Matty!
Thumb danny ace
almost 2 years ago
Matty, thanks. Very helpful. Great content and conversation. I would recommend anyone to invest in what Matty has to offer. I will definitely count him as an asset. Thanks again Matty. 
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Matty offered a lot of info to direct me to my "Who", as far as things like how to find a good shipping service, etc. He never made me feel rushed, and he answered all the questions I had. Thanks, Matty. I'll probably set up another call when I get things going more.
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
My call with Matty was packed full of value. He gave me great insight into how to quickly get some testimonials for my agency. I will definitely book another call when things pick up!
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
A big thank you to Matty for taking the time to speak with me.  I finished the session with a lot more clarity than before the session began. As a result of this call, I now know the next steps to take and for good measure, I got some very valuable information to help take my business to the next level. Matty is also providing me with a summary of the call and this way I don't miss out on any vital information.  I would be using this service again in the future and I guess you know it - I highly recommend Matty's service.
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Matty was super amazing! Thank you again!My experience working with Matty was phenomenal. I had scheduled a call with him on Monday last week. I'm not very good with the whole techy stuff so it took me an extremely long time to log onto the call. After taking so long it was almost over for our call so I had emailed him to see if we could connect again that same day. He responded to me quickly and was attended. We scheduled another call for the next day and again I had missed the call. Matty took time out of his day to write me a message and scheduled me another call for Friday morning. Friday Morning came and Matty and I got on the call and there was some complications with the call, after 10 minutes we got it all figured out and he gave me extra 10 minutes on our call!   After all of those complications Matty went through he still was accountable and attended. He helped me in ways I couldn't see on my own. He was very helpful and efficient. Thank you for all your time and effort you put into each and every one of your clients. 
Thumb funnel rolodex
over 1 year ago
Matty is a verre down to earth type off guy , nice chat and provided me with good tips and tricks !! 7$ well spend i would say !!!!! I am looking forward to building my funnel now !! Happy customer from Belgium . 
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Matty brings a ton of value!  Def worth it!
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