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Publishing Services / Book Formatting

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Hello, my name is Gwen Steel and I am the owner of Tri-Swan Press, LLC. I have been an Independent Author for over six years and a Publisher for over three.

I will help you to take your raw manuscript and format it into an E-book format, a paperback or hardbound book. You will receive an ISBN for your book format you request included in the $50. 

You will retain all copyrights and distribution rights with a signed author contract for each format of your book. (1 Contract for Ebook, 1 contract for physical hardbound 6x9 book, 1 contract for paperback 6x9). ISBN's are assigned per each format.

Identify your self-created work with a unique ISBN you can sell on any site, including your own. Your books will be uploaded to the Bowker Database for Distribution purposes.
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LuLu, Google Play, Your own website/Funnel, and many more.)

Need further help with publishing?  I can help!
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