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Facebook Ads Manager. I have a few spots open!

2 days estimated (4 days guaranteed) >
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Facebook advertising will drive you insane… IF you don’t know what you are doing.

 Are you:

1.   Worried about wasting money?

2.   Have you tried to manage your campaigns in the past and failed?

3.   Did you get some results but you had a poor Return On Investment?

4.   Or, do you just want a professional to handle Facebook advertising for you?


Choose Me!

I have been running Facebook ads for a while now and I know what it takes to get people to click that link.

 I dream about conversion rates, cost per click, cost per acquisition, and Return On Investment.


Here is what I will do for you…

 A.   Do a complete Audit of your existing campaign

B.   Make sure your Facebook Pixel is setup correctly and in the right places

C.   Do an Audit of your Target Audience(s)

D.   Create or update the Facebook campaign for your offer

 1.   Write the ad copy

 2.   Find image and video for the ads

 3.   Target the proper audience

 4.   Manage your spending budget

E.   Manage the campaign and report each week on the performance


What is this going to cost me? 

Here is what I am asking for this service…

$1,500 per month to manage one offer campaign with up to 10 ads for the offer.

 Maintain a spending budget that we agree upon

Report to you weekly on the health of the offer campaign

Email and Phone support within reasonable hours and expectations. (Central Standard Time)

1. This price does not include the spending budget for the ads… You are responsible for that… it will be charged to your Facebook business account.

*With spending budgets over $5,000 a month please contact me for custom pricing*

2. This price does not include the budget needed for images and videos. I will bill you for the assets...It doesn't cost much for assets.


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