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The Heatmap Software - 3 Months Access

Funnel Strategy/Funnel Optimization
3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
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Simple & Accurate Funnel Tracking and Optimization Software

5 stars

awesome so far.

It's easy to set up and really useful to increase my funnel conversion.

It allowed me to eliminate 3 other products and save hundreds in monthly expenses.

Well worth it!

What is it?

The Heat Mapping Software is a SaaS application that offers Conversion Rate Optimization tools to improve revenues for E-Commerce site owners, Online Business owners, Bloggers, etc. The Application is set to revolutionize the industry and become a must-have tool for online businesses.

Who is it for?

It is for e-commerce site owners, online businesses owners, bloggers, and anyone who is into digital marketing.

How does it work?

The Heat Mapping Software is software that we can use as a marketing funnel, where we can track our potential customers, from knowing our brand to purchasing the products.

It has also a tool for recordings & heatmaps, where you can track the customers while using your website/page. It is easy to know where the most visited field is and how they interact within the site. An optimized form is also important to trace our lead and loss.

There is also a micro survey to pop up on the page to interact directly with the potential customers, to ask a question if they were given the information they need and lastly there is a survey tool. The survey is one of the essential tools to gather all the information needed in the business

What can you get?

You get 3 months of access to your Enterprise level Heat Mapping Software to turn leads or potential leads into sales optimization.

  1. 1 user(s)
  2. 3 domains
  3. 110,000 monthly page views
  4. Click map, move map, scroll map, and detail map
  5. Share heatmap, download heatmap, and compare heatmap
  6. Date range
  7. Source of visitor
  8. Operating system
  9. Browser
  10. Campaign
  11. Country


My Story


I am Jerry J O Brien, born in Ireland and living in Playa Del Carmen, with my wife and my son. 

I am a proud dyslexic, comedian, and an NLP practitioner. 

I have 27 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. I learned directly from 5 of the top marketers in the world and some of the world’s most famous writers. 

I worked with some of the largest brands including IBM & Microsoft. 


The business that I built has helped 100+ companies and brands from 37 countries and 21 niches to develop their marketing and sales content. 

I have helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5 million.

I grew sales for another from 0 to over 1 million turnover in 3 years.

I am particularly interested in working with people and companies who are in the business of helping other people.

OK let's get started

Purchase the software now and

Let’s do this together!

The normal Price is $50 per month or $150 for 3 months. You get $50 for 3 months if you get started today.


You can also get these EXTRAS!

  1. Email advise to set up and use the software (Up to 36 hours reply) upto 3 emails. 
  2. Purchases over $50 get a 30-minute Consultancy Call to use over the following month.
  3. Purchases Over $100 will receive two (2) 30-minute Consultancy Calls to use in the next 3 Months at there
  4. 3 months of access to our AI Heat Mapping Technology too (upon request) 

Why am I doing it for this price??

In my own journey, I have seen where people get stuck and I have identified a number of areas where I can help and at the same time hone my skills to be able to help other clients. 

Most people believe they will launch a funnel and overnight they will become successful. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for 99% of people. This is only the first step.  

I believe that this is a huge part of understanding what a successful funnel will look like.

I have purchased an Enterprise license of this software which allows me to give you access to the enterprise version of the software at a discounted price.

From there, I will be able to consolidate best practices from my clients to share with new clients. 

With this in mind, the price will be increasing with each new customer coming on board with me.  

So get started today and add your 12 months pricing extra. 


5 stars 

This product has been a God sent to my conversion rate optimization team. Before, we would have to spend hours looking at different data sets and profiles in order to see the best type of campaign for advertisement, but now all of that information is provided in one shot, which lets our team be more efficient.

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<p>I help Entrepreneurs win. 27 years experience in Business Development. including Online Marketing, Marketing and Direct Sales &amp; Partnering. I worked with IBM &amp; Microsoft. I have also help 20+ companies grow. helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m. Message me any Questions</p>

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