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Writing, Proof Reading, Editing Articles

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Writing, Proof Reading, Editing Articles

The written word conveys an impression about the author.  If you want to convey at least a good impression about your command of the English language, you need to ensure:
  • That you present your message in a manner that is easy for your audience to understand.
  • That your use of standard English is acceptable.
  • That your use of slang / vernacular is appropriate. 
The skills required to ensure the above are proof reading and editing.  If you find those tasks tedious or challenging, I'll be happy to provide those services.

I can also offer the service of writing:
  1. Headlines. 
  2. Articles 
  3. Press Releases.
Price for copy up to 500 words - $50.
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I am public relations and communications specialist. I've worked for both private and government organisations. The services I offer are: 1. Writing, proof reading and editing articles. 2. Writing press releases.

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