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Let Me Look Over Your Funnel And Give You Expert Advice with Best Strategies in 60 Mins

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
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Let Me Look Over Your Funnel And Give You Expert Advice with Best Strategies in 60 Mins.

This service is created out of my sincere passion to see business owners get maximum result with every Sales Funnel they put out there.

What Do You Get If You Order For This Service?

You get to jump on a LIVE call with me for 60mins or more via Skype or Zoom to have me as an expert walkthrough and look over your funnel to give you expert advise on why your funnel is not working or what to adjust in your funnel to improve conversions significantly.

I'm offering this service because I know many business owners will love for an expert to look through their funnel before launching or in the middle of launch or just at any time they have technical issues or conversion issues.

What are the features of this service?

This is peculiar to each client.. it all depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the call.

-- General Funnel Walkthrough for the purpose of giving expert advise

-- I can Fix technical issues with your funnel while you watch me do it.

-- I can set up Needed Integrations

-- I can help you generate a funnel strategy to improve conversions

-- I can help look over your funnel for any loopholes and fix while on the call

-- etc...

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I have been working with Cickfunnels and building funnels generally since 2016. I've used funnels for my own business both to sell digital products and physical products.

So I have the experience that you need.

The number of revisions for this service.

You get continuous support from me to help you on the issue I fixed before

What do I need from you to start working on the service?

I need you to be as clear as possible about the exact issue your funnel is having and why you are booking the call.

I will also need links to the funnel steps if they are published already or screenshots.

So I am here for you if you need an expert eye to look through your funnel and give you strategies, suggestions etc to get better result.

I look forward to offering this service to the Rolodex community and help as many business owners as possible.

It's just $60 for 60 mins call via Skype or Zoom. This price can increase at anytime so don't procrastinate.

As a bonus you will have the recording to each call so you can watch again and again

I'll refund you if I'm not able to solve your funnel problem.

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<p>I am a funnel builder and graphics designer. I have several years of experience building high converting sales funnel. I also help clients with their Facebook Ads Campaign strategy and setup.</p><p><br></p><p>I am new on this platform and I would love to work with you and give you the best result in exchange for a good feedback </p><p><br></p><p>Thank you</p>

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