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Business and Marketing Consultation

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
14 days estimated (14 days guaranteed) >
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My name is Dillon and I'm a Marketing and Business Consultant (along with many other hats).

In the past, I worked as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Currently, I consult various clients across several different industries on business and marketing strategies. 👨‍🏫 I'm actively involved with companies in the Food/Tech space 🍽, Healthcare 🩺, and B2B Services 🤝

I'm also technically skilled in the entirety of the Adobe Master Collection (currently rocking CS6) and have utilized every software to support clients other than Flash (since no one uses any more 😅). I've built many websites, designed several logos, done rebranding for companies, created eBooks, Video Commercials, created branded graphics, edited podcasts, and more. 👨‍💻

I'm also involved in the creation of a digital comic book publishing company 🦸‍♂️, an artist management company 👨‍🎤, as well as several other businesses in the entertainment industry. 🎶

I am very interested in discussing your goals in more detail. I am available for a video call if you would like to get to know more about me and ask me any questions you wish. 😁 I can share many more details over a call than in text, so if that's an option, would love to discuss it.

I charge $65 per hour and so this consultation is for 1 hour. If further consultation is required, we can set more time in the future.

I look forward to helping your business grow! 📈

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<h1>A Serial Entrepreneur in Training</h1><h2>About Me</h2><p>My name is Dillon and over the last decade I have built several skills in the desire to build businesses. I was very caught up on the how when it comes to building a business. Because I had no capital to work with and refused to take out a loan to hire others I simply taught myself the necessary skills.</p><p>I am currently working on building several businesses, some directly based off these skills, others tangentially based off these skills. I have joined this Funnel Rolodex for two reasons. First, to offer the skills I have acquired to others. Second, to use these funds to hire the remaining skills in which I am lacking rather than spending any more time in procrastination land.</p><h2>Skills</h2><p>Below are the skills I have spent the last decade acquiring so in case you desire any of their usage:</p><ul><li>Web Design and Development</li><li>WordPress Development</li><li>Logo Design</li><li>Logo Animation</li><li>Brand Development</li><li>Graphic Design</li><li>Video Editing</li><li>eBook and eCover designs</li><li>Facebook Ads</li></ul><p>This list does not include all of my skills, but rather the ones I have used and been paid for by business owners. If you are curious about any other skills, I own the entire Adobe CS6 Master Collection and have made something with almost every piece of software it comes with.</p>

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