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Say Yes To A Persuasive Landing Page Copy That Speaks Your Brand Message And Converts Like Crazy

Copywriting/Sales Letters
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If you are here, you are not really looking for landing page copy. Your business wants more revenue, increased average transactions, increased consumption, or increased qualified leads.


Landing pages are designed to increase the conversions from visitors and leads and customers, increase the average spend, increase lifetime value, increase sales on automation, capture leads, increase lead data and qualifications- if done right.


You can have it all- if your landing page copy is done right.


Before I tell you why you should chose me, let me first tell you my process for crafting a landing page copy.

The key to all landing pages is knowing the desired goal and the follow-up.

Therefore, my next step is finding out;


What Results do You Want Your Landing Page To Get You?

Usually, it narrows down to sales and leads.

The magnitude of the results depends on what’s been offered on the page, how it has been offered (copy), whom it is being offered to, the warmth of the visitor, and the goal of the customer.

This is important to me (and you) as it determines the way forward.

For instance, you might want a sales page designed to convert visitors into sales. Those visitors could be targeted from current email lists, retargeted traffic or brand-new, cold traffic.

See what difference it makes?


Some of the goals I have heard from my clients include:

  • Subscribe to my email list
  • Watch a webinar
  • Join a free trial or a limited version of my product or service
  • Buy my product or service

At this stage, I get you to list everything you want to accomplish with the landing page copy, and figure out your most important goal.

Not to worry, I am with you every step of the way.

My intention is to be able to pinpoint your true goals with the landing page copy. I want to get a clear picture about where you want to be.


Where Are You Now?

Imagine being stranded somewhere, and for some reason, cannot find an Ubber near you or a cab.

So you decide to call your friend to give you a ride, and the conversation goes something like this;

“Hey bestie. I am stranded and was wondering if you could help me out.”

“Oh, sure. No problem. What’s up?”

“I need you to come pick me up. I want to go home.”

“Sure thing! I’ll be right there.”

And then your friend hangs up. What is the probability that your friend picks you up and takes you home (your destination)?



They know where you want to go (home) but don’t know where you are now.


The same concept applies to landing pages. In order to get you where you want to go, I need to know where you currently are.


If you want more sales, what do your sales look like now?

Are there people who can vouch for you? If completely starting out, no problem, we find another way.

If you want to increase the average transaction per customer, what is the number now?

If you want to sell to completely new customers, how many cold leads are you converting so far?

Where you are marks the starting point of creating your landing page copy to meet your goals.


Understanding Your Customer Journey. How Effective Is It?

Let’s assume you want to fill a tank with water and you have to use a bucket to do that. Easy, right?

All you have to do is get a damn good bucket and calculate the number of rounds you have to make and that’s it.

What if the tank you have has a hole in it?

Then no matter how calculated your rounds are, or how good your bucket it, you’ll never get anywhere.


That is what it’s like when you buy a good bucket (copy) but do not have an effective sales process.

Unfortunately, I see this with my clients sometimes.

A client consults me, wants landing page copy that can convert like crazy, and then I ask them what their sales process is like.

They either have no idea or the sales process, in my professional opinion, will not get them there.


At this point, we either create a sales process that is optimized, or if the client’s response is indifferent and I strongly feel that the existing plan won’t work, I decide not to work with them.


At the end of the day, I’m not looking to just get paid to write landing page copy. I’m looking to make an impact in your business, and consequently the lives you touch in the process.


Most copywriters don’t usually care what happens after that copy is done, but I do.


So I usually say to my clients, “Don’t pump your money into something that needs fixing. Repair your sales process first then I’ll do your copy.”


And I’ve had clients thank me later.


For every landing page copy that I create, I always think, “What comes next?” Not now but later… a day… a week… a month.

What does the follow up look like?

Does the sales map lead to the desired goal?

Once everything is in order, I am now ready to work!


Forget Your Goals… What Are Theirs?

A lot of the time, businesses tend to focus on what they want to achieve in terms of business goals and totally forget what their potential clients are trying to achieve.

Once I understand your customer avatar, I then go dig deep to understand their goals.

I focus on the results THEY want and what THEIR goals are.

Why is this important?


Well, maybe because you are not the one buying your own product?

The More time I spend understanding their goals and what they want to achieve, the easier it’ll be to sell your product or service through the landing page copy.


I pay great attention to where they are now and what your landing pages are expected to get them.


Choosing The Right Words

Sounds obvious but I’m always staggered by the number of businesses that focus on creating stunning, well-designed landing pages with little focus on the right words.


Remember, a landing page is only as good as the landing page copy. Otherwise, it isn’t worth much.


You want a landing page copy that works.


Think about it. If all that this landing page copy did was:


Make your prospects and customers feel confident in taking the next step

Position you as an expert instead of a commodity in your industry

Get people to pay you MORE without thinking twice for the same product or service they could get from your competitors

Eliminate price resistance and replace it with, “Yes! I want in!!”

Speak to the hearts and brains of your prospects and customers, hence pulling more leads and closing more sales

Would it be worth it?


Why Choose Me?

You have been blessed with the creative power to create a product or service that can change lives- that’s why you are here.

You believe that it is your moral obligation to get it out there (and make money in the process).

Your message matters.

Your service matters. Notice I say service because if you are like me, then you know that whatever product you might be selling, beyond making money is the aim to serve humanity.


This landing page copy will take your voice, and transform it into the voice of an EXPERT so that you start attracting and converting the high-end clients that your business deserves.


I am new to this particular platform but not new to copywriting.

I am great at writing words that count. But don’t just hear it from me. This is what some of my clients have to say…



What's Next?

Running a successful business requires you to make business decisions.

Some may be as basic as getting up early to prepare for the day, but some are more complex... like deciding which copywriter to hire.

After all, I did say that a landing page is as good as its copy.

You can't afford to spend money on copywriting that won't convert.

That is why I am asking you to INVEST your money (not spend) here.

Will it really be an expense if you spent $297 on landing page copy that generated $10,000 more?

No. That's an investment.

You have two options today.

Walk away from this gig, and forget you ever saw it... Miss out on the opportunity to turn your ideas into words that resonate with your audience.

Take a leap of faith, take this offer, make a small RISK-FREE investment (small in comparison to what you are getting), and say yes to you and me changing lives through your product or service (while making money in the process).


If my copy does not convert, I have a 60-day refund policy. After all, I don't benefit if you don't.


As I said I am new to this platform (but not new in the game). In order to get known here, I am giving my first 5 clients a 60% off, after which I am raising the price to $497, as I usually charge.

NB: This gig gets you 500 words of landing page copy. If you would like more words or less, contact me for a custom order or check my gig extras to see if it fits.

Message me for any inquiries- or simply to say hi. I would love to hear from you.

Take Action.

Take Your Business To The Next Level.






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<p><span class="ql-size-large">If you believe in the product or service you are selling, you have a moral obligation to do everything in your power to get it into the hands of your customers.</span></p><p><br></p><p><span class="ql-size-large">I have the same conviction about the things I bring to the market-place. Sales copywriting, funnels—I know they have the power to change entrepreneurs’ lives and the lives of their customers. I have a moral obligation to do everything to serve you.</span></p>

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