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Accountability Partner

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Use your precious energy working on goals instead of managing an accountability partner. Let me hold you accountable and make sure you stay on task.

For 1 week I will text or email (your choice) twice a day for 5 days

  • A beginning of the day communication to ask:
  • What your going to get done that day
  • When you plan on getting it done

  • An end of day communication to ask:
  • If you achieved what you planned
  • Ask what worked and what didn't
  • How and when you plan on finishing what didn't get done

Let me keep you on task. The service is offered in weekly intervals

By asking you to define your goal for the day you will automatically get better at planning, and by holding you accountable you'll begin to get more focused and efficient. Add as many weeks as you need. I love working with people until the end


Guaranteed Refund if you don't like it

P.S. Add on ons:

  • Add a planning day in which I will ask you to submit a weekly plan for the following 5 days. I will hold you to this plan, and review your progress each day. With a weekly plan I'll make sure your a little more motivated and accountable. We'll also review the plan and make sure its realistic. This is all done through text or email so it will only take minutes.
  • Add a weekly review and I'll send you a review of what you accomplished compared to what you planned. Where the biggest places of improvement are, what worked, and what didn't work. Its critical to set up that feedback loop.

Conor Mahaney

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<p>I've always had great ideas and motivation, but I could never seem to get anything done. I would do a lot but never finish one thing. After several suggestions of finding an accountability partner I swallowed my fear and put myself out there. I found a fellow OFA'er to connect with. Everything was great for the first couple of weeks, then it started to fall apart. Managing the accountability relationship became just as much work as what really mattered. When my partner started to slack somehow I would also follow suite. I wanted someone holding me accountable without having to dedicate brain power to doing the same. I figure there was more like me so I started offering it as a service and am amazed by how much it helps people.</p>

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