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Book Funnel Selling Your Consulting Services - Copywriting for Info-Marketers

Copywriting/Sales Letters
14 days estimated (14 days guaranteed) >
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Are you launching a book funnel and want an expert's help in:

  • Positioning your non-fiction book as the BEST solution to a problem your ideal buyer faces RIGHT NOW
  • Planning the offer stack for maximum conversions
  • Strategizing on order bumps, upsells, down-sells, and more to increase your cart value
  • Writing copy for the funnel, including ads, a book sales page, the cart page, 1-3 upsell pages, 5 abandon cart emails, and 5-10 nurture emails. (Other misc copy can be discussed/negotiated as needed for no additional fee.)
  • Giving you 2-3 leads to "test" for the initial sales page

If so, I'm your gal. I've worked on book launches for John Bowen of CEG Worldwide, Jason Hanson of Spy Escape & Evasion and The Celebrity Method, as well as other information marketers and business coaches.

When you book this project, here's how it will work:

  1. We'll meet to discuss your project. I'll ask a LOT of questions and ask you to send some things to me including a copy of your book, any/all avatar information, a listing of your funnel stack, and information on how traffic will get to the funnel
  2. For the first week, I'll be researching, digging into your project, and "back processing".
  3. By that Friday, I *should* have outlines ready for review
  4. That second week will involve fleshing out all of the copy for your review.
  5. Once edits have been made, you should be able to "go live" by week 3 with your designer/funnel builder
  6. Once that's been built, I'd like to review to make sure that everything looks like it's supposed to
  7. 30 days after launch, we'll meet to review metrics and see if optimization is needed.

Some testimonials:

"I hired Lynn Swayze as a copywriter in October 2017 and worked with her for several months. Lynn is professional, diligent, helpful, and a real pleasure to work with. She helped me run the most successful product launch I’d ever had in my business up to that time. Lynn worked hard to understand my business and the needs I had for the project she conducted for me." - Sarah Mueller, Declutter My Home

"AMAZING! People throw that word around a lot, most often undeservedly, but I'm being very intentional when I say Lynn is AMAZING. I have had the pleasure to work with her multiple times and she has always delivered magnificent results. She has a sharp marketing mind, proficiency in all the relevant, (even cutting edge) automation platforms and her copywriting is always ideal for the intended audience. Whether it's B2B, B2C, technical, or highly emotional direct response, Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners. I almost hate writing this testimonial because I want to keep her all to myself!" - Tony Policci

"I can personally attest to Lynn Swayze's copy chops, as well as her focused work ethic. She can write the shirt off your back, and she can do it fast. I recommend her without hesitation." - Aaron Crocker

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<p><strong>The&nbsp;"Offer Whisperer" for Information Marketers</strong></p><p>Are you looking for someone who's more than an order taker, who can help you not only launch great campaigns, but strategize on ways to "stack the deck" in favor of more conversions? As a Direct Response Copywriter and Funnel Strategist for information marketers, high ticket coaches, and "experts", I've seen what works in this industry to generate high cart value and less churn. I'm available on a per-project or a retainer basis with sales incentives.</p>

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