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EXCLUSIVE PARTNER OPPORTUNITY Beginner Friendly!Require NO audience,NO product,and ZERO tech skills!

Funnel Building/Membership Funnel
2 days estimated (2 days guaranteed) >
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(Beginner Friendly! Requires NO audience, NO product, and ZERO tech skills!)

What You Will Discover On Orientation:

​A "stupid simple" online business you can start from home...TONIGHT!

​Perfect for beginners! No tech skills, no product, and no marketing experience needed

​A LIVE money-making demo of how it works

​An opportunity to partner directly with me

What you'll be learning is an honest-to-God 3-Step Process that Blake and many top online marketers have been using for YEARS. In fact, Blakes training and funnels are so good, he's considered the TOP expert on this in the world!

1.The product you'll be selling is created for you, you're able to whitelabel it, make a few changes and make it 100% your own!

2.Even better - this is a tool/method for your clients to use to generate FREE Traffic - which EVERYBODY loves, so they'll tell their friends about you too since it doens't really create new competition!

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Whether you're a complete newbie, or you've been doing this for a while - everything is explained and layed out in a very easy to understand way. It's important to niche down, or find a segment of a much larger niche. 

Here are a few examples of this:

Health >> Doctors >> Plastic Surgeons >> Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeons. 

Health >> Fitness >> Local Gyms >> Crossfit Gyms

Wealth >> Real Estate >> House Flipping >> Residential

It's easy to do this a hundred times, and Blake goes into this (with many more example) in great detail.

When you niche down and focus on providing this service to a very small segment, you quickly become the EXPERT in this sub-niche and become the 'go to' guy for this. 

Step 2: Customize Your Simple Funnel.

The templates are already done, so Blakes team will work with you to help you customize it with specific images FOR YOU specifically! This will be 100% unique to you too!

Step 3: Drive Traffic! 

This is where the fun begins! You DON'T need a lot of money to start this, you can literally start posting with your smart phone and seeing the sales come in! For those who DO want to start with paid traffic, you can start with as little as $5.00 per DAY of ad spend and see results come in! 

Now of course there's a little bit of work involved with each step, but Blake's made it as EASY as possible, so simple in fact that you can be started in as little as 10-Minutes!


this is an introduction module which explains how to get started, and what you should expect from the training.

Part 1 - Choose A Niche

This training goes into mindset first (which I feel is really important), then it goes into REAL student success stories & examples. 

A lot of people already have a niche, which is great - but if you have NO IDEA where to start and just can't figure it out, THIS training is for you!

In the training, you'll learn how to "niche down" to focus on a specific segment within a larger niche, and you'll learn how to become the go to "authority" in this niche! Once you niche down and become the authority, you're going to be THE expert on this audience, understand them better than anybody, and you're going to have so much momentum going forward.

I can't give too much away about this training, of course, but Blake gives PLENTY of real world examples, HOW you can find them yourself, and even gives a BONUS download of 2,000+ real world niche examples!

Part 2 - Customizing Your Funnel

As the Title Suggests, Part 2 is all about CUSTOMIZING your Custom Sales Funnel!

You'll learn how to:

Import Your Sales Funnel

Get Your Domain Name

Send Blakes Team Your Domain, so they can add it to your custom funnel!

On top of all of this, you'll also learn how to set up your:

2-Step Order Form Page

Masterclass Page

Masterclass Downsell Page

Order Confirmation Page

Members Access Page

Members Area Page

Legal Page

Add A Social Share Image

Connect Your Domain Name

Create Page Paths

Remember, these are ALL DONE FOR YOU, all you have to do is customize the design and text on the pages to fit your offer & audience! 😎

Part 3 - Add Products

This is where stuff gets exciting, as you'll learn more about the products you're selling! 😎

The Entry Level Product ($7.00) - this is a $7.00 'do it yourself' product. It's the opportunity for your new customers to go through the product and set it up themselves (build they're own funnels, write their own emails, etc). 

They can do 100% of it themselves, (write their own emails, set up their own landing pages to capture leads, etc) - they'll have to put some work into it - which is why the price is only $7.00, but it can 100% be done by them and it's a GREAT value for what they're learning to do!

The "Order Form Bump" ($37.00) - right before they hit 'submit' on the $7.00 purchase, they're hit up with what's called an 'order form bump' to sell your second product. 

This is a product that teaches YOUR customer how to get followers FAST. It's a very specific and proven system that will help them get their next 1,000 followers quickly. 

The Done With You Masterclass ($197.00) - They get EVERYTHING here, the tools, the funnel, the email sequence, the graphics, the templates - everything they need to set up this exact system very quickly. 

This is a Video training course where Blake walks them through step-by-step how to set this up for their own business. 

It's very universal and will work with any business, from Real Estate Agents, to Window Washers, Baby Sitters or even Plastic Surgeons. 

They will be adding more expensive products in later that you can add to your funnel, but for now these are the 3 products made avaialble to you and your customers.  

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Have Been With Clickfunnels For over 2 years now , I know how to setup emails,landing pages ,domain setups, facebook ads and much more. I have created a full complete affiliate funnel,This will help you promote clickfunnels , and many other affiliate programs , there are training videos included

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