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DFY LinkedIn Marketing Specialist

Advertising/LinkedIn Marketer
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I Specialize in Done For You LinkedIn Marketing for coaches who sell High Ticket Offers in 3 easy steps.

After talking to you, I will see who your target audience is (if you don't know... don't worry I have a simple way of finding that for you).

1) I will reach out to 100 people a day in that audience to invite them into your network.

2) If you have a free offer, I will send that to them as a thank you for accepting the connection.

3) After that I will send them a custom message from you talking about what you do and how you can help them and that they can schedule a call with you to show them how you can help them.

This is where you or your sales team takes over and have your consult, discovery session, and close the potential client.

In my experience, this is what your month will look like (It will vary from niche to niche, but this is the average of working with over 1,000 people in my past company)

100 a day for 30 days= 3,000 connection invite

35% accept and want to know more= 1,050 accepted

30% of those schedule a call= 315 calls a month

If you have a $3,000 coaching offer and you close:

10% (which is really low) you make 31 sales ($93,000/ month)

20% (low average) you make 62 sales($189,000/month)

40% (High average) you make 126 sales ($378,000/month)

With my unique process, I saw many with a close rate of 57% since the prospect is warmed up to you with your free offer.

This is a Done-For-You offer for 30 days only. After 30 days, you will have the option to renew at the same price you entered at. This is in "Beta Testing" on funnel rolodex which means you are getting it at an extremely amazing price right now. As I get more clients from funnel rolodex, the rate will increase.

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Peter Gagliardo
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I Started with the OFA Challenge with barely any money. If I can be one of the "WHO" that helps you get one step closer to the freedom you are looking for, then I am already a winner. Let's work together now, so you can be successful without struggling!

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