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Funnel Building/Custom Funnel Build
29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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Do you want to have 20-50 qualified leads coming in your business daily?

Are you still depending on referrals to acquire new clients?

Are your referrals drying up?

Have you got ZERO appointments/discovery calls in your calendar? 

Are you simply tired of trying to do it on your own?

Are you exhausted from figuring out what to do on a daily basis to get leads in through the door? 

Nodding your head and screaming yes? 

Then it’s time you and I work together and nip your lead flow problem in ONE day. 

No more filling out ideal client workbooks. No more DIY courses. And no more relying on referrals to fix your lead problem.

There are 3 huge mistakes I see when small businesses that don’t have a consistent flow of leads coming in their business. 

They are always scrambling to find new clients. The beauty of a well nurtured database of leads, when you have a new or existing offer, you have people that already ‘Know, Like and Trust’ you. Just imagine having an unexpected expense, such as a trip to the ER. You can simply send out an email to your database with an upcoming offer and have the income to cover the unexpected expenses.

They are not building, nurturing, and selling to your email list

Email is 40 times more effective for securing new sales than Facebook and Twitter combined. Nurturing your email list is one of the ways to build ‘know, like and trust’. By not having an email strategy, they’re leaving money on the table and  

They are unable to pay their monthly expenses. Qualified Leads on Autopilot is ideal for stabilizing revenue and a clear path to getting off of the income roller coaster.  If they have consistent leads, they have the opportunity to have more impact, to offer more services,  ultimately to increase the financial bottom line without working more hours. 

Here’s the good news…

Qualified Leads on Autopilot VIP Day solves the problem of building a list of qualified prospects quickly.

…And Expect these Valuable Outcomes from Your VIP Day

Irresistible Lead Magnet

Qualified Leads

Appointments with Your Ideal Clients

New Clients

Database of Potential Prospects

Email Follow-up Campaign 

Optimized Lead Gen Facebook ™ Campaign

4 Step Lead Generation Funnel

Who is this for?

- This is for coaches, consultants, service providers, and service based businesses that could use more appointments and clients/customers.

- You have a proven offer or a suite of offers

- You want to automate your lead generation

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for business owners who have never had a client or are thinking about starting a business.  You must have a service that people have paid for and gotten your clients irresistible results. 

How it Works...

After filling in a comprehensive questionnaire, we'll meet for 5 sessions with breaks in between to create your leads on autopilot funnel to get more leads, appointments and clients (using Facebook™  as your core traffic source).


Here’s what we’ll accomplish in our sessions: 


Create your Lead Gen on Autopilot Strategy (60 min)

We outline your lead generation strategy, identify your irresistible lead magnet and determine where you ultimately want to send your leads (ie. call, group, etc).


Create your Lead Magnet and Authority Video (120 mins)  

We will create your irresistible lead magnet and record your authority video.


Create your Email Automation Follow Up Campaign (60 mins)

We will create your email follow up automation series and add it to your email system as well as any integration needed.


Create your Lead Gen Funnel (120 mins)

We will create your Lead Generation funnel, add your lead magnet, authority video and calendar.


Create your FB Ad Campaign (60 mins)

We will identify your target audience on FB, Create 3-4 audiences, create 2-3 images for the campaign, write 2 versions of the ad copy, set up the ad campaign and hit the ‘Publish’ button.

Hey! I’m Doresa...

With over 20 years of experience as a software consultant, traveling around the world helping clients, when my mom suddenly needed me to care for her, I started a business to work from home.  At the beginning, all my clients came from referrals from local networking groups and then from past clients. 

I know EXACTLY what it feels like when you suddenly find yourself short on clients and need more leads ASAP.

Instead of panicking or racing around blasting out sales pitches, I discovered a proven, predictable and simple method to generate all the leads you can handle.

I have clients average 2-3 people per day asking for phone time to pitch them on their services.

I  have created a simple system where you can ‘scale up’ or ‘scale down” the amount of leads and engagements you need whenever you want.


How do you ensure the leads are qualified?

There are two ways we qualify the leads, we create a lead magnet that attracts people to the service you provide. The people who add their contact info are interested in your offer.  The second way we pre-qualify the leads is with a video of you walking through your lead magnet and you are extending a personal invitation to them for scheduling an appointment.

What if I don’t want to have more appointments, can I send them to my group?

Absolutely, this same process works for appointments, joining your group or registering for your webinar.  Simply let me know when you complete the application where you want to send your leads to.

Do I need to complete everything in one day?

No, this is broken out into 1-2 hour segments, which adds up to an 8 hour day of work together and many more hours of my team working behind the scenes pulling everything together.

What software do I need for the funnel?

To build your funnel we can use the software you have, lead pages, clickfunnels, fg funnels are preferred. If you don’t have any of these, just add what you are using on the application.  I also have a software solution which includes contact management, funnels, email automation, courses and more that I can provide for a 30 day trial and $97 per month after.  

What software do I need for the email follow up campaign?

To create your email automation campaign we have experience using most systems, such as Active Campaign, Aweber, Convert Kit, Mailchimp and others.  I also have a software solution which includes contact management, funnels, email automation, courses and more that I can provide for a 30 day trial and $97 per month after.  

What if the time zone is outside the US?

I work a flexible schedule which normally covers many time zones. Once you submit the application, we will be able to schedule a time that works for both of our schedules. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee you will have a lead generation funnel, an email followup campaign, a Facebook™ Lead Gen Campaign and traffic coming to the campaign.  As a bonus I will monitor the campaign for 30 and optimize to get the lowest cost per lead, but I cannot guarantee the number of leads or the cost per lead because each market is different. 

Your Investment...

VIP Day - Lead Gen on Autopilot

Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Create an Authority Building video

Create an Automated Email Nurture Sequence

Create an Lead Gen on Autopilot Funnel

Create FB Ad Campaign


1:1 Strategy Call

FB Campaign Monitoring after 30 days.

Voxer Support for 30 days

Investment of $4997

Special Pricing $2997* (Spots limited)


Next steps

1. Ask Questions, Submit Payment

* spots are very limited

Let's get started!

I can't wait to connect!

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