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Goals, Plans and and Mindset For Funnel RICHES!!!

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Are you struggling to put all of the pieces together when it comes to:

  • Defining your offer
  • Creating your stack
  • Determining the price point
  • Identifying your niche
  • Knowing what steps to take
  • Taking action consistently and constantly?

Having been an entrepreneur for twelve years, going at it on my own, I know exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to juggling all of tasks you need to do to establish a productive and profitable offer, let alone a business, get it out there and noticed, and eventually converting.


So, before you go out and tackle any of it, be sure to have a plan in place that will give you the confidence, clarity and focus, based on:

  • your vision of what it is you are working to create and achieve
  • why it is so important to you
  • the specific goals you have around it
  • the step by step plan that will get you from funnel to riches
  • the accountability to ensure you are getting hung up on things that are easily solvable.

This in-depth strategy coaching and plan will give you what you need to overcome the overwhelm and stress, eliminate procrastination, and clear up any confusion so you can pursue and achieve your goals.... and turn your funnels into riches.


This powerful deep dive coaching session will help you with all of that as you and I get hands on to creating the plan to take you from Funnel to Riches.

Preparation includes:

  • Complete a Coachee Profile that will prepare us for your one-on-one session
  • Goals to Riches Plan that turn your dreams and goals into an actionable plan.
  • Productivity Hacks Ebook with Templates to maximize your focus and productivity.

Getting Down to Business:

  • 2-Hour deep dive one-on-one coaching session via ZOOM
  • Tips, advice, strategies and tools.
  • Detailed Plan which includes all of the above completed from the coaching session
  • Video/Audio recording of the session
  • Transcription or Summary Notes


  • 30 Minute Follow Up Coaching Session - two weeks following initial session

Ultimate Deliverable:

You will receive a detailed Plan with a massive amount of ideas, tips, strategies, techniques and mindset practices that will ensure you not only start but finish you goal of creating and turning a funnel into riches.


ROI? Priceless!!


*Optional Coaching Support - we can then get together as you work through your plan to ensure you are on track.


My very first coaching client was the biggest lesson of my entrepreneurship - not all money is good money.

She paid me very well to coach her on this exact thing though she set up front that she wanted to also include accountability with it, so it was planned for 30 days, and she was going to pay me high 4-figures to do it.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled. Until I wasn't.

Within the first 2 weeks I could tell that this was a huge mistake regardless of the paycheck as she never showed up. When she did, she didn't want feedback, input, ideas or critique on what she was doing and what she wanted to do. She had all of the answers, which caused me to question why then did she hire me.

I decided in that session that I was going to have to let her go and return her money. Sure, I was not obligated to return the money, BUT, I didn't feel right keeping it.

I want to work with passionate, purposeful and productive entrepreneurs who are determined to make something work and be really successful at it, though I also know they will have their highs and lows, struggles and times where they too, don't want to be accountable.

BUT, you have to be. These are your dreams and goals, not mine. Though, my clients also know that I am fiercely committed to their success.

I will be to yours as well.

Lastly, be sure you are in it to win it. You can see Instructions to Buyers for more info on that.


I get an absolute high watching my clients get their AHA moment or two, or ten. I get giddy when they overcome something to the point of being so proud of their accomplishment, to the simple things of simply reaching a milestone.

Entrepreneurs like you work your tail off... and you deserve the RICHES that can come from that.

I want to see others succeed, because I know ... serving you, serves me, and my father always said, 'leave people and places better than you found them', and I am determined to do that.


Once you confirm a session, you will be sent a link to my schedule to block out your 2 hour session.

You will then be emailed the Coachee Profile so you can complete that prior to the session.

Our session via Zoom will include:

  • brief introductions (as we want to get to work)
  • an overview of your profile so I fully understand where you are coming from
  • then we get down and dirty into strategizing and laying out your action plan, ideas for your offers and stacks, pricing, and more.
  • you will receive the video/audio shortly following your session
  • and the updated detailed plan within 24 hours.
  • you will then be set to go off and execute on your plan.
  • 2 weeks later we will meet again for 30 minutes to see how you are doing.

Lastly, we will celebrate your wins and accelerate any lags... because either way, you have taken the first step to go from Funnel to Riches with a plan that will keep you focused, clear, confident and energized around your goals.


I guarantee that if you do the work from prep to finish, show up and are open to feedback, tips, advice and accountability, you will have a plan to take you from Funnels to Riches.

If at anytime during the coaching session through the recap you are not satisfied with the approach or execution of the coaching, you can simply stop the services or notify me shortly after the session (prior to the recordings or detailed plans sent), and request a full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Okay, I might ask so I know for future clients.

I have gained my reputation as a ball of fire coach and consultant because I am fiercely determined to over deliver and make my clients successful. But, if you feel that isn't going to happen, then that is okay, and I'll refund your money.

I can't wait to work with you to go from Funnels to Riches.

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<p>Hi, there.</p><p>I'm Bernadette Boas. An ex-twenty-five year corporate executive turned entrepreneur in 2008, passionate about helping entrepreneurs massively achieve their goals.</p><p>Folks consider me a ball of fire because I do everything possible to make my clients successful but not before they learn to push through all of their fears, procrastination and excuses, and overcome their limiting beliefs, so they can create the RICHES they want in both their work and life.</p><p>I've been there and done that when it comes to the challenges of starting, growing and managing a business, so I know the pains and joys you are dealing with when it comes to not only tackling one small task that makes you pull out your hair, but also the laundry list of tasks, responsibilities and goals you have piling up.</p><p>My key strength lies not only in the strategies and practices that make a profitable business and leader, but also the tactical more operational things like:</p><ul><li>goal setting</li><li>prioritization</li><li>delegation</li><li>time management and productivity</li><li>mindset.</li></ul><p>And that last one, MINDSET, is definitely your #1 opportunity OR roadblock to you achieving riches. </p><p>So, I can help you with your goals, strategies, approaches, schedule, etc., but don't be surprised if we also work to ensure you are not getting in your own way of achieving what you want.</p><p><br></p><p>Fair?</p><p>I would be honored to work with you and we will have a lot of fun doing it.</p>

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