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The Digital Course Warriors Blueprint

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Be Overwhelmed NO MORE!

Hello, are you looking to create a profitable online course business, but just overwhelmed how or where to start, look no more. Let me walk this journey with you and in less then a month you can have your very own online course on the internet and making money.

This 9 module online course with 30+ lessons is your key to creating highly engaging and profitable online courses so you can build a consistent stream of ready, willing and able buyers that produces a steady life changing income and still have plenty of time left over for what is most important in your life!

What you'll get:

  • 9+ Modules
  • 30+ Videos
  • We add more content to the course without any extra charge to you
  • Weekly One To Many Zoom Coaching & Q&A sessions.
  • 1x - 45min 1:1 Zoom Strategy meeting to help jump start your creation process.
  • Support PDFs
  • Private Support Community for Q&A & Accountability.
  • 28 day free Kajabi trail
  • Access to experts in the field that can take the learning curve from months to minutes


9 Module Overview

  • Course Introduction
  • What is An Online Course
  • Name/Nice/Tag Line
  • Framework Building
  • Equipment & Software
  • Recording Videos Like A Pro
  • Editing Videos Like A Pro
  • Publishing Your Course Online
  • Marketing Like A Pro

What’s all the hype about? Many of my students are saying there is way more to this course then just the technical learning that is taught in the actual lessons.

  • Clam Your Mind, and get Clarity on what really needs to be done to create a highly profitable online course.
  • Stop jumping from course to course, webinar to webinar, and challenge to challenge. Get off the hamster wheel and get UBER FOCUSED on building a course your audience will want to take. 
  • STOP being Overwhelmed by all the noise on the internet, and learn exactly what you need to do to build your profitable online course.
  • Build a passive income that brings in money while you binge watch your favorite show on Netflix.
  • Accountability is a big part of this course because when you purchase the class you also get enrolled in the Private Digital Warrior's Inner circle Facebook Group. Instructors and fellow students alike will keep you moving forward by holding your hand with answers and slapping your hand (virtually) when you want to quit.
  • Hang with like minded entrepreneurs that are also building profitable online course businesses. Be inspired, and motivated by the projects and wins everyone posts in the inner circle.
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<p>•Course Developer, Instructor, Mentor, Coach </p><p>•Paul has been in the technology business since the early 90’s as a network engineer, with the last 21 years at Cisco Systems. Paul has developed and taught 100s of live, online, and virtual technical courses for Cisco Systems, and has refined his skills to making the INSANELY COMPLEX | RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE.</p><p>•This past year (2020) Paul founded Digital Course Warriors with a mission to provide NO BS Courses, Tools, &amp; Resources for Digital Warriors, Bloggers, Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs.</p><p>•Courses Created for Digital Course Warriors</p><p>•Digital Course Warriors Blueprint</p><p>•Blog builders Basics: Building WordPress Website and Blogging for Beginners</p><p>•eBook Basics: Learning to create and publishing eBooks</p>

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