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CF Design School

29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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How to design a 7-figure funnel

in 30 minutes

without any tech skills


No Coding

No Photoshop

No Prior Design Skills Required


Turn Ugly into Extraordinary

Turn Visitors into Subscribers

Turn Traffic into Sales

Learn Funnel Design from Kathryn Jones

Who is Kathryn? 

Kathryn is a certified internet marketer, Funnel Hacking Live 2020 speaker, #1 bestselling author, and CEO of Design Hacking Studios.

She created CF Design School to teach others how to design funnels that convert.


What this looks like:

1. Learn the 6-step science of DESIGN HACKING.

Design is a science, not an art.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you don't need coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills to be a design hacker.

That's right. just follow a simple 6-step science to design 7-figure webpages and funnels.

2. Use DESIGN HACKING to recreate any website on the internet.

Now, obviously we don't publish these recreated pages.

But, learning how to recreate pages perfectly is the first step to seeing and thinking like a designer.

And, the 6-step science of Design Hacking will help you do it.

3. Use DESIGN HACKING to create custom designs to increase your

(or your client's) funnel sales and conversions.

Yes, Design Hacking will help you create custom designs.

But, who cares about things being pretty?!

We're here for sales and conversions!

The 6-step science will help you design each page (based on your niche, objective, and audience) for optimum sales and conversions.

When you purchase, you’ll get access to CF Design School

and all of the bonuses.

Real stories from people like you who can now design funnels

that are visually engineered to convert

CF Design School is precisely what

you need to launch your next funnel

with the confidence that it is


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Kathryn Jones - and her revolutionary 6-step science of design hacking - makes funnel design easy. No coding. No Photoshop. No graphic design skills required. Learn how to design for optimum conversions and sales (plus aesthetically extraordinary) with the 6-step science of design hacking.

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