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Voice Search Optimization

Agencies/SEO Specialist
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VoiceRank builds on your existing digital marketing campaign to add a new layer of exposure for your business. We work with your internal or virtual marketing team to augment and enhance your current efforts by leveraging the new voice search technology (If you do not have a current digital marketing campaign, we can help with that.). We are a team of experts that have been working together for almost 10 years. Our belief is that Voice Search is going to be the next big step forward for businesses who seize the opportunity.

Just like SEO was almost unheard of 10 years ago (when we started offering Search Engine Optimization services), Voice Search is still new, and unsaturated. In fact, it's unlikely your competition is even looking at Voice Search as a future source of sales.

The opportunity to get to the top of Google without spending thousands of dollars, and working on it for months and months was 10 years ago.

The opportunity for Voice Search is here, NOW. Those that see the vision will be able to grab those tough positions ahead of their competition, and set themselves up as the preferred business when their customers initiate a voice search.

What we offer:

Ongoing Voice Search Optimization for your business.

  • This includes both website optimization, and off-site work like content writing, directory optimization, reputation management, etc.
  • The goal is to have your website / answer / product be the result when specific questions are relayed through a Virtual Assistant like Alexa, Google Home, or Siri.

We also offer all traditional Digital Services

  • This includes Website Design and Development, Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, and Hosting.

How it works:

  1. We will talk about your business, and the customers you want to attract.
  2. From there we will put together a Voice Phrase Map that will show you exactly how people are asking questions about your product or service.
  3. Our team will create the content that will be displayed or read by a voice enabled smart device.
  4. We then implement the strategy and continue building value to reach Position 0 (zero) on Google
  5. Over time we will achieve more and more Position 0 rankings for your business, and sales will continue to increase. :)

What to expect:

  1. RESULTS! That's all we're after. We have long contracts, you can fire us at any time. We take this seriously.
  2. Great communication from us!
  3. You'll work with a dedicated Marketing Manager that will need access to things like your website back end, Google my business, Yelp profile, etc. We will get you the full list on our first call.
  4. You Marketing Manager is always available for a call or email, but you can also expect a monthly report detailing three things:
  5. What we set out to accomplish this month
  6. What did we do, and what were the results
  7. How far can we go next month

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<p>I have been building Internet Marketing businesses for almost 20 years, and have now launched into the next big thing in search. That thing is Voice Search. </p>

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