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👋 Instagram Ads Pro Here To Help You With Traffic For Your Funnel

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It's the who not the how! Leave keeping up with Instagram advertising to us and start running traffic to your funnels today!

Instagram Ads To Drive Traffic Into Your Funnels

Save yourself 5 MONTHS in trial & error!  

Hi! I’m SJ. I’m an award winning marketer who used to think brand marketing and traditional marketing channels first.

Now I specialise in social media adverting campaigns for clients. 

Many years ago I noticed a big shift. That no matter how much budget was put towards 'above the line' campaigns, increasing conversion rates was such a struggle. (And I was managing a marketing budget of $10mill at the time). I knew they're had to be a better way and decided to dive into the digital marketing world.

I became fascinated with Facebook/Instagram ads and went on a mission to learn everything I could to understand how machine learning and the mighty Facebook algorithm works. 5 months it took me. 5 months of late nights learning from my kitchen table after a day at my 'traditional marketing job'. 5 months of hundreds of hours of online courses and $50k in ad spend and then I did it…. I cracked “the funnel”. For every $1 in ad spend $7 came out like clockwork. I couldn’t believe it. It was like magic! Needless to say I was hooked. Such less wastage in advertising spend and much stronger results than hammering away with brand marketing and simply hoping for a behavioural response. At peak times of the year I had built an ad methodology that consistently produced 28x ROAS (return on advertising spend). I was now an Instagram (and Facebook) Marketer.

Fast forward to today, I now direct Digital Marketing Agency, King Pixel Digital Marketing, and my team and I are obsessed with machine learning and harnessing it for advertising (and no, it’s simply not whoever spends the most wins).

Here's some snapshots of the result's I've achieved for clients:

Are you testing the waters with your brand spanking new funnel idea?

If you’d like to save yourself months of trial and error and thousands of dollars, listen to Russel when he says it's the who not the how, and hire a professional.

What makes our social media advertising method so different?

Secret #1: Why using interest targeting is not the best way to find audiences

Secret #2: Why testing headlines, copy, and creative is not what you should be focusing on first

Secret #3: Why you should be optimising for conversions and not traffic, even though it’s traffic to your funnel that you’re trying to achieve.

Save yourself the months of trial and error (and thousands in wasted ad spend) by hiring the who and not learning the how.

Does this sound good to you?

Please send me a message with the background info on your funnel and what you are seeking to achieve (ecomm sales, leads, webinar registrations, applications etc).

I will respond to you within 24 hours and forward you the details on where you can book a time that suits you to connect over Zoom to discuss traffic for your funnel with paid social media advertising.

I look forward to helping you!

SJPK // King Pixel Digital Marketing

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<p>SJPK is an award-winning marketer with strong experience in the retail sector. Since 2017 King Pixel Digital Marketing, founded by SJPK has helped ecomm, local retail,&nbsp;fashion, salon, clinic, hospitality, winery and B2B businesses grow with digital marketing.</p><p>In recent years King Pixel has also been working in lead generation in the not for profit space for Disability Organisations, Foster Care, Child Care, and Professional Services such as Business Advisory, Tax Accountants and HR Services.</p>

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