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Turn Cold Audience Into Dream Buyers with Dollar-a-Day Facebook Ads | Consulting and Training

7 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >
1 day on average
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**I am giving a special discount for the first ten orders in exchange for your honest review on the amazing results you will have from my great service**

I will show you how you can run a high converting Facebook Video Ads campaign

with just $270/month ad spend

that will bring dream buyers to your funnels 24/7.

From $0 to $24,457.39 in 8 months.

(Imagine what would happen if they scaled up their ad spend.)

You don't need to start with thousands of dollars if you know how to build trust with your ads.

This consultation includes:

  1. Facebook page and content analysis (If you don't have one yet I will help you create one. Checkout the Extras.)
  2. Audience and targeting research.
  3. Copywriting training
  4. Facebook Ads setup training
  5. Facebook Ads management training
  6. Checkup call after 2 weeks.

I can also set everything up for you instead after our first call. Checkout the extras!

I have been running Facebook ads for 5 years and I have worked with all kinds of businesses. This includes:

Internet Marketers


​Coaches and Consultants

​Local Small Businesses

SaaS Companies


I will show you how you can achieve similar results with just 9 videos, $63/week ad cost, and two 2 hours Zoom calls with me!

All of this for just $97 one time payment for the first 10 orders. (After that the price will go up to $147.)

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3 months ago
Kristof is a very inspiring person, remarkably creative. During our work together he always came up with unique ideas and researched everything. Exceptionally informed, confident, up-to-date in his job.I could always count on him if I needed help.He always said inspiring things regarding copywriting as well, that I could use in my job as well. Kristof is very flexible.Mostly we worked on schedule, but if I needed help instantly, he found time for me. We worked on Facebook ads together and he was the inventor of every ad. He found the proper videos for the creatives that brought the most conversion possible! It was unbelievable and inspiring! Some videos brought the core of the copy, wich made my job easier. His skills are up-to-date and detail oriented. He creates perfect Facebook Ads and I can recomend him warm heartedly.
Thumb 14231304 321073238233403 3204000863495649814 o
3 months ago
I'm not the most technical person under the sun, and Kristof helped me put my campaign together. He has been very very helpful to put my Facebook campaign together for me. He's a very very genuine person. My videos have reached millions of views thanks to him, and buyers are still coming in. I can only recomend his service.
Thumb 59387677 2465312876834078 1173002959206744064 n
3 months ago
Kristof explained everything in a way that I can understand and implement my part of our work. I didn't need any technical experience regarding Facebook Ads. He's very flexible and always adjusted to my needs with his excellent problem solving skills. No one bought our products online for years, but after working with Kristof, we've got our first online sale ever in just 2 days. It was such a relief, and the sales didn't stop since then. I can only recomend him, if you want to get your first online sale.
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Online About 2 hours ago




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<p>My goal is to help supply and demand meet</p><p><br></p><p>For years I have studied the business opportunities in social media. I have learned what makes people buy, how people discover a product, how the algorithms work.</p><p><br></p><p>I started many projects before, that's how I gained my experience.</p><p>With my own money I learned what works and what doesn't.</p><p><br></p><p>I have started to work with clients in 2018, but with the knowledge and experience I have gathered, I already delivered results</p><p>.</p><ul><li>33 Satidfied Customers&nbsp;</li><li>107 Campaigns Completed</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Take Your Business Go Online Today</p><p><br></p><p>Get people to talk about you. Target the right audience and get the best return on your investment. Social media is the cheapest and fastest way today to reach your target audience.</p><p><br></p><p>Expreience similar results my clients have. With my help they built an audience that checks out their content, even when the business is closed. That's the kind of followers that will keep returning to you to buy.</p>

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