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Hiring Intensive - Special Price!

5 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
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If you are overwhelmed or stagnant in your business and think you need to add someone to your team to reach your next level of success, this Hiring Intensive will help you figure out what your org. chart should look like, who you need to bring on next and how to make sure you get the right talent.

Includes = 

  • 90 minute Zoom call
  • Custom org chart
  • Sample job descriptions
  • Interview Tips
  • Hiring checklist
  • Candidate information template

Bonus =

If you decide that you don't want to do the hiring yourself, I can help with that too! Since you already went through this intensive and I already know who you need, you'll receive a massive discount on my hiring services.

After this intensive you will be fully prepared to start hiring for your next PERFECT employee or contractor. You will have the tools to make sure they're exactly who you needs and become a valuable asset in your business.

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