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I will consult your livestream problems and coach you on hardware, software, audio, video and more!

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7 days on average
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Hi. I am Havran, and I specialize in livestreaming.

It's over five years ago, since I first started poking around online broadcasting. I have a background as an artist. I play several musical instruments, started with piano, then switched to acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass. After that I learnt how to play drums and when all that was not enough, I started building my recording studio. I also done videography work for a local TV station, I was an extra in a TV series and also done video editing work for online information enterpreneurs.

Since January 2020, I intensively worked in online communities to help them transition from live to online events, as the lockdown brought whole world to a stop. I was directing and managing online conferences, public speaking competitions and 3 days long training webinars ranging from small dedicated groups of 5 people closely learning and working together all the way up to 120 attendees international training held in 3 different languages at the same time.

I am offering my knowledge, skills and expertise in one hour consulting calls where I will go over your current situation and help you get the results you need in order to successfully master your next online broadcast. I can help you on video and audio gear, software and utilities apps, settings, frameworks or speaker tips and trick you will need to successfully plan, manage and direct your next online broadcast.

After you choose to contact me, we will go over both of our schedules to find a free spot and I will advise you on how to prepare for the consulting call where we will go over your challenges and how to solve them and make you the Next Online Hero.

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4 months ago
Michal is a true professional he helped me with my equipment and got me setup to live stream to YouTube from OBS Studio. He also walked me through OBS Studio and setup. It was a great experience and value. He also provided me extra time he went the extra mile.
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Online 6 months ago




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<p>Hi! I'm Michal, founder of Havran228. I was born in 1991 in the lovely town in the heart of Slovakia called Žiar nad Hronom. I started playing piano at the age of five. Since then I also started playing electric guitar and electric bass guitar, drums and synthesizers and started learning audio recording and production. I own my own recording studio that I use to compose, record and produce my own music, record and edit podcasts and do video editing work and manage online conferences or teaching sessions.</p>

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