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Build Profitable Email Lists Funnel. Complete Funnel, Member Videos & Bonuses

Funnel Building/Optin Funnel
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Modern Email Marketing eBook And Videos

E-mail marketing is hands down the most powerful and effective form of online marketing. Nothing comes close. Seriously. Even search marketing with all its hype and tried-and-proven success can’t even hold the candle to just how effective list marketing can be. It’s easy to see why, survey after survey, marketing firms keep putting e-mail marketing at or near the top of their advertising preferences. Here are the reasons why.

Through e-mail marketing, you can get in front of the eyeballs of your audience members anytime anywhere. That’s right. You can be at a beach in the Bahamas somewhere writing an e-mail update. Plug that in to your e-mail service provider and your audience, regardless of where they may be in the world and regardless of what they’re doing, are sure to get your e-mail. After all, most people check their e-mail inboxes. Isn’t that awesome?

This enables you to sell more products. Since you have a de facto relationship with people who voluntarily got on your mailing list, you are able to keep the conversation going. You don’t get just one bite at the apple in trying to get list members to buy. Every time you send an update, you get a chance to convert some of your audience members into buyers

Through e-mail, you also get to keep in touch with the needs of your audience. It’s like you’re plugged in to what they need, what they’re looking for and the problems that they face. After all, that’s the reason why they joined your mailing list in the first place. They’re looking for solutions and answers that your list can provide.

This enables you to keep a steady flow of traffic to your blog or online store. Now, this traffic may not convert right there and then but the fact that it is constant enables you to get many bites at the apple. You don’t just get a one-shot chance at converting online traffic. That traffic can come back again and again with each and every update that you spend.

Funnel Includes:


A 53 page PDF that tells how to build profitable lists with modern email marketing and segmentation techniques. The book goes beyond just building a list, it explains how to build it right for maximum profits. Since it’s PDF, you’ll know your buyers won’t have a problem consuming the content.

Includes all you need to resell the Modern Email Marketing Ebook And Videos book with a professional sales page and matching download page. All you need to do is insert your payment link and your download link, upload and it’s ready to make you cash on automatic, even while you are asleep.

Email Swipes

5 pre written Modern Email Marketing Ebook And Videos autoresponder messages that will help you sell more copies of your new product. Copy and paste ready to use. In Word DOC and plain text formats so you know they are easy to edit and customize as you need.

Cheat Sheet

A 7 page PDF that gives your buyers a simple way to go over the most important points again and find success with the system.

Mind Map

Great visuals that can help your customers see the big picture and better understand the Modern Email Marketing Ebook And Videos material. In the popular PDF format.

Resource Report

A 7 page PDF that is a comprehensive list of some of the best Modern Email Marketing Ebook And Videos resources including, books and related tools. Includes Google tools, email platforms, squeeze pages and more.


10 quality articles all related to doing email marketing correctly, you can use as promotional content for your blog or website. Or use them to create emails messages the easy way. Comes in 1 easy to use Word DOC file.


10 high quality images you can use to drive even more traffic to your new sales page. In all the popular sizes and JPG format.

Legal Pages

Keep yourself legal like with a disclaimer, privacy policy, support and terms and conditions. All standard HTML pages, so you know they are simple to edit or change as you want.

Sales Video

It’s no secret that sales videos have shown to increase sales conversions and we included a professional one to help you make more sales and make more money. In easy to use MP4 format.

Social Media Images

20 quality Modern Email Marketing Ebook And Videos images with a image background and text quote overlay. Post them on your social profiles to drive even more traffic to your new salespage.

High Quality Covers

10 more high quality and professional covers you can use to be different or promote in different places. These are real nice book covers all in JPG image format.

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Also included...

File Format: Adobe PDF, TXT, MP4 Video, HTML

Number of Pages: 53 Pages

Sales page: Included, HTML

Download/Thank You Page: Included, HTML

Included Graphics: eCovers, Web page Images, Banners, Social Images

Cover Graphics: PNG in multiple formats and sizes

Miscellaneous Graphics: Promotional Banners, Covers, Extra images

Extra Pages: Checklist, Resources, Mind map, Opt-in Page, Articles and more…

Extras: Upsell package with video’s, upsell sales page and more.

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