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30 Minute Discovery Call To Ensure We're A Great Fit For Your Copywriting Needs

Copywriting/General Copywriting
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3 days on average
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Sales Funnel Copywriting

30 Minute Discovery Call  

Are you interested in working together, but would love to connect to ensure we're a good fit? 

This is the call for you... :)

No matter the stage or level of your business, it's important to move forward with confidence as much as possible...  

I Promise Not To Smile And Nod...

I operate with a NO B.S. approach, so if I can't confidently help you reach your goals, I will swiftly let you know.

In fact, I turn down about as many projects as my team and I take on.  

I don't mention this to scare you, but a mutually great fit is essential.

This Discovery Call Helps You...

▶️Ensure my team and I are great fit for your project

▶️Align your potentially lofty expectations with your current budget

▶️Have clarity on your project needs

▶️Get any and all questions answered

▶️Get the warm fuzzy feeling needed to move forward with confidence

Here's what you get...

⌛️30 Minute via Phone or Zoom Cloud Meetings App

💊Ask Questions

💊Get Clarity on Processes

💊Solidify Project Details

I've done these exact calls for $100+ in the past...

However, I wanted to do something to accommodate my fellow Funnelhackers. :)

Here's the process

1️⃣ Automatically Get Links After Purchase

2️⃣ Fill Out Questionnaire

3️⃣ Schedule Call & I Show Up With A Smile 

Not Clear On Your Strategy?

Checkout our Strategy Session listing for more details.

See you on the other side.😉   

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<p>Hey everyone!</p><p><br></p><p>My #1 goal is to squeeze as much value as I can into every service I provide!</p><p><br></p><p>I'm a 12 year Military Veteran with 5 years in the global business world. I also love travel, and after going to over 80 countries, I have a unique perspective on business, people, and how they go together in becoming your customer.</p><p><br></p><p>Check out my services, and I look forward to the opportunity of seeing if we're a good fit to get you a great ROI.</p>

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