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Scale your Business using Native Advertising (i.e Native ads) on Taboola , Outbrain , Yahoo Gemini

Advertising/Ad Buyer
29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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I am the native media buying beast you are looking for as I understand the ins and outs of the native ads ecosystem exceptionally well because I learned it from some of the best native advertisers in the world.

And we are talking about next-level stuff from:

• Getting high CTR creatives like 5% and above(using clickbaity sensational headline and images which are the gateway for cheaper clicks on any platform. Industry average is around 1%),

• Figuring out the best presell pages, funnel and the marketing angle to hit with(Because cold audience needs to be converted into warm buyers through advertorials)

• Spying on the competitors, yes there are some techniques that let us see each and every move of our competitors, their creatives, their landing pages, how long have they been running ads etc etc

• Blacklisting and Whitelisting widgets so as to not run our ads ever on websites that give bot traffic or low converting traffic. This is a deal-breaker

• And then ultimately scaling on multiple native ads platform simultaneously using automation tools such as Brax or Theoptimizer both are the industry standards

• Running whitelists on networks that don't even allow this feature any longer.

• Site level bidding which again cannot be done the usual way (The ultimate profit maker)

• Advanced Funnel Strategies used by $100M+ Brands to buy media profitably

On top of that native ads need at least 5-7 days for getting creative approvals which is a lot compared to Facebook and Google but over the years I have maintained relationships with the account managers on Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID who approve my ads within 1-2 days max.

My results - (Check the media section of this gig (image/video) section for video + image proof )

Google Analytics - £1.1 Million

One Click Upsell Revenue - £382k


• Tracker setup

• Competitor Research

• Angle Research (To give directions for funnel or advertorials)

• Ad creatives testing (creatives included) to get best CTRs

• Ad headlines creation to get best CTRs

• Advertorial/Funnel testing (advertorial/Funnel not included and need to be provided)

• Finding winning profitable placements

• Blacklisting non profitable ones

• Running whitelist campaigns

• Setting up automated rules

• Managing and tweaking the bidding

• Scaling your ads vertically and horizontally

Looking forward to scaling your business to the moon.

Note - The price is monthly retainer and not one time. So after 30 days you will need to re order this gig for me to continue on your project. I will start on your project from the very first day.

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<p>7 Figure Native Advertiser. I specialize in Native ads platform such as Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini.</p>

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