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$1800 Plus Value - Sales Pages +"Ghost Writing" +Video Sales Letter Scripts-Introduction Sale Price

8 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
13 days on average
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If you have completed the One Funnel Away Challenge or going through it right now & already have a product or service in mind then I am the right person for you... it even works if you don't have


1)  Up to 20 Killer Headlines For your Optin page / Lead Magnet Page (great for testing or split testing) ($197)

2)  Lead Magnet copy (text) ($197)

3)  Bullet points, explaining the Benefits of your lead magnet (#97)

4) A short section about you ($197)

4)  Urgency text, that will give your readers FOMO ("fear of missing out", you knew what that meant Right?)

5)  Hard to miss "Call to Action" CTA Texts, making them curious to optin. ($197)

Bonus 1: Text for your Facebook Ad Headline and Post ($297)

Bonus 2: Origin Story Script ($197)

Copywriting Outline ($97.00 Value)

30 Min 1-on-1 Offer Strategy Call ($397.00 Value)

We'll walkthrough everything you need to get your offer live.

Live Zoom screenshare implementation.

Solidify your offer strategy.

3 day post-call message support ($197.00 Value)

Don’t get stressed if you have another idea or additional info comes to light

Just message me here on FunnelRolodex and I’ll be here as a support

Advice on how to optimize & multiply your offer

I don't have any word limits because it restricts my creativity and your chances of having perfected copy.

Please get in touch first with your requirements before placing the orderLooking for a Bridge Funnels Or Lead Generation Funnels?

Within my copywriting, I will provide strategies on how to market the funnel, copy for the creation of the funnel & the actual funnel design to be shared with you. With over 20 years of marketing experience, I am experienced at creating copy that can work for your funnel that will be effective, modern and beautiful! 

This offer includes:


BONUS #1: FREE mockups with your product (images and video) - $97 VALUE.

BONUS #2: One FREE video call included.

BONUS #3: One FREE funnel review based on your feedback;

BONUS #4: Video and instructions on how to use the funnel;


We always start our funnels from scratch, so you will get a 100% ORIGINAL result.

We use FunnelScripts principles and model funnels based on Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen’s tips.


Hey Jacqui,

Special Needs Group is pleased to have formed a relationship with Jacqueline Cooper. She is creating lead generation and bridge funnels to help us get the word out regarding our travel advisor certification program, which assists advisors in working with the special needs community, both in providing equipment rentals and soft skills needed to make sure this underserved population has opportunities to travel. In addition, Jacqui is working with us to promote our Soothie Cushion to provide comfort and medication-free temperature therapy, in many ways.


We are looking forward to a long working relationship with Jacqui! She is very focused and responsive to our specific questions and needs. I highly recommend her skill set and easy personality to help you grow your business. She is creative on her copy, design and marketing approaches.

Kind regards,

Karen Leonard

Travel Industry Ambassador

Special Needs Group®

Delivering An Accessible World™

Yvette MacDonald,

MacDonald Global

I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline to help with my business development and click funnels account. Jacqueline has always responded in a timely manner and she went above and beyond what was asked. Doing her own research and selecting more appropriate material. She has always maintained contact and kept me updated as well as teaching me how to use various features. I would highly recommend Jacqueline’s services. She has created a number of lead generation and bridge funnels for my business and has always provided a quick turn around when I have had a request.

Angela DePalma

Jacqui’s funnel creation service has been a huge asset to my online canine academy business. Her funnel strategies have driven tons of clients to my business and my sales have increased markedly. She is a pleasure to work with and I absolutely recommend her services with no reservation. Her copyrighting is meticulous even for a perfectionist like me. Highly recommend!

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over 1 year ago
Jacqueline: Was easy to work with, creative, followed through on completing the project. I would work with her again.
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over 1 year ago
Jacqueline is wonderful to w o to with she is professional and friendly and goes out of her way to really connect with you as a client, which was very important to me. Would be happy to recommend Jacqueline to future clients
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Online 8 months ago



23 hours

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<p>I love building funnels. I am experienced at building bridge funnels &amp; lead generation funnels. I have over 20 years of business experience &amp; am able to use my background in marketing and sales to assist you in creating imaginative funnels that will drive traffic to your business. I have experience in working with both traditional as well as virtual businesses. I love working with MLM entrepreneurs. I have created funnels for businesses in the area of finance (cryptocurrency), technology, travel, health, education, product sales, environmental protection, and many other areas. </p><p><br></p><p>Personally, I have had a diverse career. I am both an attorney as well as a National Board Certified Special Education Teacher. I am a successful entrepreneur who love marketing &amp; sales. I am a single mother and pet lover. I have traveled to China, Mexico,Tanzania, Europe, Great Britain &amp; throughout the United States. I live in Maryland.</p><p><br></p><p>I am teaching virtually during the day. I will respond to inquiries within 24 hours. I usually try to respond between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. (Monday - Friday). I use the evening hours to create my funnels. </p>

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