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Social Media Accounts & Website Auditing

Advertising/Social Media Consultant
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I help entreprenuers find ways to enhance the branding of their platforms utilizing systematic frameworks. I also teach them how to make personal connections with their audiences and integrate their own personalities into their brands. I offer professional services, developing branding strategies to help attract target audiences to entreprenuer communications.

  • I will audit your social media accounts and websites to make sure they present a professional, polished, profitable look.

  • I will make suggestions on what you can do to enhance your branding for your customer's experience.

  • I will provide basic market research in your area of expertise.

You can expect a clear, concise account of what you need to do to enhance your branding experience. I will provide you with your three top competitors so that you can build your framework off of what already works.

*Price includes up to 3 platforms

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<p>I'm a&nbsp;Branding Strategist for new and established self-published authors. My&nbsp;love of social media and attention to detail makes it easy&nbsp;to&nbsp;find ways to further enhance the&nbsp;branding&nbsp;of a product or service, as well as develop a marketing plan through the analysis of current market data and trends.</p><p>​</p><p>A self-published author with a passion for&nbsp;storytelling,&nbsp;I write under the pen name Ivory Joyce. My&nbsp;current releases are Urban Fiction novellas, affirmations, and marketing materials. My work can be found in Apple &amp; Google bookstores, Amazon and Walmart.com</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I love helping other authors reach their potential and have a wealth of information to share.&nbsp;I've created a tribe for authors who are interested in polishing their brands and taking their talents mainstream. If you are new or already established but need a support system of other authors, join the waiting list for my membership Branding With A Personal Touch.</p>

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