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I will make your sales soar with YouTube Ads (Monthly Service) (30 Days Risk-Free Guarantee)

3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
2 days on average
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**I am giving you a special discount for the first few orders in exchange for your honest review on the amazing results you will have from our great service**

We'll Build You A High Converting Web-Traffic Ad Funnel


That Will Generate Leads and Revenue So Repetitively - It's Ridiculous...

🔥YouTube Ad's Scaling & Management🔥

🔥When You Know What You're Doing You DO NOT Need To Spend Thousands of Dollars🔥

I will create you an YouTube Ads campaign with 3 customized ad variations (for more customized ads see the "extra session") or optimize your existing campaigns

This Service Includes:

  1. Audience Research
  2. Three Customized Ad Videos
  3. Custom Audiences Strategy
  4. Lookalike Strategy
  5. Strategy Bidding
  6. Keyword Research
  7. Target Audience Research
  8. Scaling Strategy
  9. Video Funnel Strategy
  10. Re-targeting Strategy
  11. Competitors YouTube Channels Research
  12. Campaign Optimization


The people we have helped around the world include

 Agencies and Freelancers

 Internet Marketers


​Coaches and Consultants

​Local Small Business

 B2B Lead Generation

 Affiliate marketers



See Some Ads We Created to Our Clients:

Here's what working with me looks like on this gig:

  1. The first thing we need to do is make sure that when you make the order you are able to provide all of the account access needed for me to begin the work.
  2. I will guide you through the process of granting access to your YouTube Channel and Your Google Ads Account. If you don't have a Google Ads Account that's okay! We'll make one for you :).
  3. We'll look to see if there may be any hidden gems or promising stats from past campaigns. If you are starting from scratch, that's okay too!
  4. Once we know where you've been, we begin to create the campaigns. We will create Ad Variations and Targeting Variations to increase the likelihood that the ads result in the sales you are looking for.
  5. After you approve the ads we will start your campaign and see the results!

Got Questions?

What type of companies do you work with?

We are working with different entrepreneurs/agencies around the globe

What can I expect to the service?

Expect a high converting sales funnel and the best customer support in the world.

How long does it take for you to start running the ads?

Typically with after strategy call session would take from 2 to 5 days. Copy & Ads (videos or images) must be finalized prior to build phase.

How long you've been running ads?

We started our company in 2019 but we have been running ads since 2015.


1-Hour Zoom Call Weekly

Weekly or Monthly Reporting

KPI Management

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over 1 year ago
Fantastic Service. Mauricio did a fantastic job drilling down to find the very best leads that could be converted to clients and keep my ad budget under control. I have been very impressed with his work. Take the time to talk to him if you really want to see the best way to maximize your revenue by creating a laser focused approach. I am continuing to work with him because of how impressed I am with his work. Tim Horn
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Mauricio Martinez
Online About 13 hours ago




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<p>My name is Mauricio Martinez and I am a Digital Marketing professional with extensive Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising experience. My services includes ad copy, ad graphics, video editing, lead generation &amp; traffic generation as well as quality Social Media Content publication. I currently manage thousands in ad spend for clients all over the world.</p>

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