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DFY - 25 Non-conventional Headlines For You To Profit From

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NEW! List Of Non-Conventional Headlines Helps Business Owners Get More Eyeballs Looking At Offers With Certified Copywriting ... FAST!

Who Should Grab This Deal?:

  • Anyone who knows that changing the headline can double or triple response and the amount of money coming through your funnel.
  • Smart folks who don’t want to waste $40-$50 on a book about copywriting or headlines that you will never read.
  • Clever business owners who like the idea of me sending 25 Headlines that show the depth of my copywriting skill and knowledge to use for the pursuit of good, healthy capitalism.
  • Smart entrepreneurs who know that 80% of your advertising dollar is spent by the time they read your headline.
  • Stress free men and women who aren't worried about whether or not people are bouncing as soon as they hit the landing page because of an average headline or worse… a boring headline.
  • Time conscious people who don't really want to spend a few hours trying to bang out the next great headline for your business?

Here's What You Get:

  • Freedom from trying to be a writer… let a trained copywriter send you a 25 piece Headline pack for you to cherry-pick from.
  • A package of copywriting goodness you can use for your funnel pages, email subject lines, facebook ads… you get the picture.
  • Zero headaches because I've removed them... So you can focus on your business... it’s what you love, right?
  • Praise - Prepare to boast about your improved funnel stats because you’ve put these 25 little money makers to work for you.
  • Love - Imagine how you'll spend that extra money because you've doubled your optin rate on your landing page... (If your wife is like mine... she'll find a way...)

Claim your headline pack now before the price goes up...

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Hi, I'm Shawn Bayley... a funnel consultant and copywriter. I spend years wandering around blindly to "make it" with an online business. Finally I discovered the real secret behind bringing in customers on autopilot using Funnels and Copywriting.

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