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Quickbooks Bookkeeping (Historical Cleanup $94 for 80 Transactions)

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This service strictly cleans up your historical transactions and doesn't involve any sort of analysis. It's $94 per 80 transactions. This is the type of service you need when you've gone several months without classifying transactions and you have a MOUNTAIN of transactions to process with no time to process it. This is a quick fix for getting your self cleaned up and up-to-date without all the head-ache of doing it yourself.

Why Would I need this service? That's a great question! The answer could be many! Here are common reasons:

  • Don't like a list of hundreds of transactions sitting in your Quickbooks just waiting to be processed!
  • Need to know how your business is doing.
  • Love a clean Quickbooks account.
  • Need to know if you can afford to hire someone.
  • Love feeling like you're actually on top of administrative tasks.
  • Need to process payroll taxes and don't know how much you have to pay.
  • Love being successful.
  • Need to give your end of year business reports to your accountant.
  • Love the specifics of your business and want to know EXACTLY what all your expenses and income are over any period of time.

With this service: After you purchase I'll be in contact within 24 hours and get a conversation started. We'll need to determine the total number of transactions and swap a little bit more information. You'll need to add me as an accountant in Quickbooks Online. I will come in, process everything I need to, and return access back. I'll be in and out within an hour or two (or three if it's a whole lot of transactions) after I initially log in. Quickbooks tracks all the movements I make and you'll have full visibility to it. If I need something, It'll likely be a quick conversation about what type of transaction something is, and what it relates to, then I'm right back to work.

What I need from you: You'll receive an initial email right after purchase with detailed instructions. However, If you don't have automatic feeds set up in Quickbooks online I'll need you to download a CSV style transaction list from your bank account and upload it into quickbooks. I will take care of everything else. A simple google search will typically help you with getting that CSV.

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<p>We're here to eliminate the frustration with bookkeeping and make taxes at the end of year so much easier! We categorize and process all your monthly transactions in Quickbooks and eliminate hours of time you have to spend on your bookkeeping. See below for a detailed list if our services:</p><p><br></p><p>Quickbooks Set-up <strong>$149</strong>:</p><ul><li>We'll set up your account, walk you through basics, and give you a running start to process things on your own.</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Individual transaction processing <strong>$94 per 80 transactions</strong>: (No Monthly Support)</p><ul><li>This is perfect for if you have a mountain of transactions you need to get done ASAP!</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Full Service Monthly Bookkeeping <strong>$349/month</strong>:</p><ul><li>Monthly transaction processing (160 transactions)</li><li>Monthly financial reports</li><li>1 hour face-to-face meeting for us to help you understand what all the numbers mean.</li><li class="ql-indent-1">How are we doing financially?</li><li class="ql-indent-1">What list of bills are we paying?</li><li class="ql-indent-1">How do we reduce costs and increase sales?</li><li>Year-end communication with accountant</li><li>cost analysis on programs and expenses</li><li>payroll guidance (help you find a quality payroll professional)</li><li>Quickbooks Subscription</li></ul><p><br></p>

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