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You did it!

You've got your funnel, your copy is on point, you have a killer e-mail sequence, your opt-in page is awesome, but there is a problem; your spelling and grammar turns off all your customers.

Face it.

You weren't worried about "their" or "there" or making sure you used the correct spelling on everything you wrote, you just wanted to get it on paper, and it sounded great in your head. The problem is that your amateur grammar mistakes make your customers think that you are an amateur.

"Why should I pay for a funnel from someone who can't even compose a sentence?"

Don't lose customers to your competition.

Why lose customers when you can pay me a small sum of money to go over your e-mail sequence, copy, and headlines? I'll check everything out and be in touch with my edits within 24 hours.

In the case of extremely long e-mail sequences or when I am very busy it may take me up to 48 hours, but not longer. Please send your entire e-mail sequence as well as a link to your funnel, or simply send all the copy and headlines along with the e-mail sequence.

I will review 4 pages of text (approx 1000 words) for $37 - If you would like more it will be $10 per page extra. 

$9 Special is for the first 1000 words of copy only. Any additional pages will be charged at $5 per page.

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Helped me with all my script for my funnel.
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