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Boost your page speed with Funnel Image Optimization

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The statistics will shock you! 😮

  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

If I asked you to describe an effective digital marketing campaign, you might tout the value of strong design, ad targeting, or the benefits of conversion optimization. But even if your web and landing pages are aesthetically on point, it can mean nothing if you haven’t considered page speed. For context, if it takes more than 7 seconds for a page to load, just over half of visitors will leave it. Put another way, for every second of impatient agony you’re causing visitors with slow load times, you’re losing conversions and profit.

Not only does page speed have a direct effect on your sales but it also is a important ranking factor for Google, in both organic search engine results AND paid advertising. Slow sites are penalized, meaning no matter who slick your site looks, no matter how great your hook, your story or your offer, you are losing customers and damaging sales by having a slow loading website.

Most marketers aren’t hitting speeds that put them in Google’s good books. Because they’re too slow, they’re likely paying more than they need to for their search ads—and disappearing completely from organic search results as page speed influences 3 of the top 5 Google SEO indicators. Your landing page speed is also factored in by Facebook - they want to serve their users links to fast pages that convert better - meaning the faster your page, the less your ads cost.

"Page speed is one of the most overlooked and yet most important factors in customer attention, retention, and ultimately, converting browsers to buyers. Ensuring that you’re taking measures to increase page speed or reduce lag can be the difference between failure and success."

Krista Seiden - Analytics Advocate, Google


I've been designing, devloping and optimizing websites for over 18 years. During my time as a digital developer I've encountered thousands of website owners who weren't even aware that page speed plays a vital role in their business' success!

The benefits of a faster site are PROVEN (just Google 'Page Speed Stats' and all the evidence you need is there.) Yet, I've found it difficult to convince marketers and website owners that this is an issue that should be taken SERIOUSLY.

One of the main problems with this is site owners are not experiencing their slow loading pages for themselves. This is because all website browsers cache images of previously visited sites so they can serve them to you quicker the next time you visit. If your potential customer is arriving at your page for the FIRST TIME they will be downloading ALL your content for the FIRST TIME and experiencing pages that are so slow, they can't even interact with the page until after 10-20 seconds or more!

By now, I bet you've checked your website to make sure it's loading fast and you're thinking yours loads just fine. Are you connected to a wireless network or landline? Worldwide, millions of hours a day are spent by users on the go, browsing the web using 3G or 4G connections. These are no way near as fast and image heavy website can take an eternity to load if you haven't had your images optimized. Turn off your wireless on your phone and try it for yourself.

Think your site is fast? Google 'GTmetrix', the leading page speed anaylsis tool, and enter your URL (It's FREE) If you site or landing page shows over 10 seconds loading time - 80% of users are likely to bounce!!!


By optimizing the images in your funnel, ensuring they have been professionally compressed in file size WITHOUT loss of quality, and ensuring they are served at the correct size, I can reduce your website's page speed by at least 1 second (and for sites that have never had their images optimized, potentially up to 5 seconds or more.)

If I'm unable to do this I'll give you your money back!

So, for $97 you'll receive a quicker, leaner sales funnel, reduce your ad spend, and potentially boost your conversion rate by 7% or more. The questions is not can you afford to, it's can you afford not to?

Don't delay, every SECOND counts!

Additional extras include:

Streamlining the number of fonts that are used on your pages $97

Each different font used makes your site load slower. Each variation of a font has it's own size in kb AND requires your browser to make an extra trip to the server. This can slow down your site.

Change below the fold videos to video popups $47

It's acceptable for your main video to be a straight up video played in the browser. If you have multiple videos (testimonials etc) on your site, YouTube and Vimeo and the others insert a huge amount of additional files per video that need to be downloaded by your user. This dramatically slows down your site from loading quickly.

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over 1 year ago
Whoah! 14 seconds off my landing page's loading speed. Will use again.
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