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JUICY DRIP COPY-Real Time Proven And Beautiful:Headlines,Titles,Subject-Lines Plus Much More!!!

3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
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All that matters is you the buyer are satisfied with what you have ordered. Allow a seasoned marketer with over 20 years of experience the chance to assist you with your headlines...

There I was, in front of 300 people and unprepared, no one had warned me about this day and now I was hung out to dry. I was alone, no one to take my place on the podium, it was my career that would either blossom or if I failed would surely end after the investors walked out of the room. I had a tight lump in my through as I walked up to the podium thinking to myself " Please don't trip over anything"!

Its funny 24 hours before this I was seating with the wife and kids, wondering how I ended up so lucky. How I wanted this to last forever and now....


I guess I should not "Hook, Story..." right now, this may not be the time. 😎

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jonathan Rechee and I have or 20 experience in sales and marketing. I have also joined OFA for the first time just like you. My goal is to assist you with certain parts of your funnel or email sequence if I may. I have wrote copy for multiple companies I have worked for while also running a sales floor with over 40 employees. I geek out on this stuff, can you agree? Have you ever been in your zone where you knew what ever you worked on would turn to gold?

What you will get with this order...

I will provide 2-3 options of the following for your funnel/campaign: Titles, Headlines, Subject Lines, Million Dollar Headlines,

You will get a 20-30 Minute Zoom Call to layout what your expectations are. If you prefer to operate through email or just a standard phone call then that works just as well. Once you have ordered you will receive an email giving you the option to book a calendar appointment via calendal for a 30 minute time slot. From there once you choose your time I will email you with the confirmation of the appointment.

Heres what you can expect....

1 On 1 30 Minute Consultation Call: 

We will get on a quick call so I can get a clearer picture of what it is you EXACTLY want to achieve and we will be able to agree on the details of your customized order.

2-3 Headlines for... 

Again I will supply Titles, Headlines, Subject-lines, Million-dollars Content Headlines.


If you decide that you only need one or the other such as only subject lines I will provide up to 8 options for you to use.

It's important to grab the readers attention and one of the best ways to do this is through headlines!!!!

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<p><strong class="ql-size-large"><em>Isn't it frustrating trying to understand copy writing as a whole. Guess what....I will help you with your copy writing needs including but not limited to: Sales Letter, Sales Copy, Ad Copy, Email Subject Line, Auto Email Follow Up plus much more. Feel free to send me a message to discuss your needs we are all here to help each other. </em></strong></p>

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