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Email and Text Message Autoresponder Campaign

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You need Emails and Text messages for your autoresponder campaign.

You're busy, I understand.

Who has time to research the market and craft a story that get the prospect to take action?

I do!

Or maybe you are terrible at writing or you can't figure out what to say to incite excitement about an offer.

Let me help you... It's what I do all day, every day.

I will create 7 emails and 6 text messages for you:
1. Get people to show up for webinar
2. Get prospects to go to your sales page
3. Warm up a cold list
4. Pretty much anything you want.

The power of combining Email and Text is an amazing thing. Why?

Everyone has their phone with them 24/7 and they never miss a text.
A text that will steer them to the email that you sent them.

I tell stories in my copy... it's the best way I know to get prospects interested and willing to take action.

“You must tell stories”

 Why is storytelling so important?

Before there was the written word all knowledge had to be passed to the next generation through stories. How to hunt, fish, make a fire, find a mate, raise your kids, and keep the tribe happy and safe. Stories were also the way to keep traditions alive.

Being able to tell great stories comes from living life.

 A story cannot be told with emotion without the writer having had that emotion. A story cannot persuade someone to take action without the writer knowing what the prospect is missing in their life.

 A story has to be told from a place of Knowledge… a place of Understanding… a place of Empathy!

 Researching a subject will only give you the facts about the topic. Trust me, I am obsessive about research.

 Painting the picture in the copy is much better accomplished with a story.

 Human beings relate to stories on a personal level. Everything we hear is related to our own experiences in life.  

 If someone tells a story of a fun trip they took our brain will automatically think about a trip that we took.

 If someone talks about an emotional loss, then our brain immediately relates that loss to one of our own.

 Stories have the power to draw us in and make us listen to the message that is being told.

 I have lived life. I have taken chances, jumped off cliffs, held a dying persons hand, kissed a girl, buried a pet, loved someone who didn’t love me back, dealt with my sister’s mental illness, and watched a sunset with my Forever Love.

 All that life I have lived has given me a unique perspective on people. I love people. I believe in people. I can empathize and sympathize with just about anyone and their life situation. I want to help people succeed in life… I truly wish the best for everyone.

 Why Should You Hire Me?

  As a person I have been selling stuff my whole life. Lawn Mowing services, trash clean up, good grades for cash… maybe that was a bribe from my parents… anyway, my point is that we all sell something to other people whether it be products, services, or our personalities.

 As a professional I have over 30 years of experience in Marketing, Entertainment, and Promotions working with companies ranging from Cruise Lines, Fortune 500’s, as well as my own sole proprietorship businesses.

 Those years has given me a considerable background in persuading people to take action on their needs and desires.

 I can relate to that!

 So what is the #1 reason why you should hire me to be your copywriter?

 I understand people. I have great compassion for anyone that has a need. I can empathize with people and respect their efforts to make their life better.

 The #2 reason is that I can tell a great story that will have the prospect engaged and interested… and ready to solve their problems with the product or service I am telling them about.

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