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WordPress Development

3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
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WordPress Development


The primary deliverables are as follows:

  • Installation of the WordPress CMS to your website host
  • Basic setup of WordPress Site with free or provided theme
  • 1 to 5 pages
  • Walkthrough of WordPress to understand how to add themes, plugins, pages, posts, images, content, etc.
  • **For eCommerce functionality, this will require you purchase the 'extra'**


I can have your website set up within the same day (or 24 hours) as purchase, provided it is prior to 5:00 PM CST. After this time, it should be setup within 48-72 hours.

Requirements to Begin Work

  1. Access to your hosting account. (I can help with this if confused)
  2. Desired theme. If one is not provided, there are three options:
  3. You may use one of the themes provided in the standard WordPress Install
  4. You can purchase a Theme and send it to me to install and setup
  5. You can purchase a custom theme from me in the 'Extras' section
  6. Any content to be added to the website, this includes:
  7. Logos
  8. Photos
  9. Copy
  10. Etc.

If you need help with setting up of domain name and hosting, I have an extra charge for helping with this setup.

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<h1>A Serial Entrepreneur in Training</h1><h2>About Me</h2><p>My name is Dillon and over the last decade I have built several skills in the desire to build businesses. I was very caught up on the how when it comes to building a business. Because I had no capital to work with and refused to take out a loan to hire others I simply taught myself the necessary skills.</p><p>I am currently working on building several businesses, some directly based off these skills, others tangentially based off these skills. I have joined this Funnel Rolodex for two reasons. First, to offer the skills I have acquired to others. Second, to use these funds to hire the remaining skills in which I am lacking rather than spending any more time in procrastination land.</p><h2>Skills</h2><p>Below are the skills I have spent the last decade acquiring so in case you desire any of their usage:</p><ul><li>Web Design and Development</li><li>WordPress Development</li><li>Logo Design</li><li>Logo Animation</li><li>Brand Development</li><li>Graphic Design</li><li>Video Editing</li><li>eBook and eCover designs</li><li>Facebook Ads</li></ul><p>This list does not include all of my skills, but rather the ones I have used and been paid for by business owners. If you are curious about any other skills, I own the entire Adobe CS6 Master Collection and have made something with almost every piece of software it comes with.</p>

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